Vince McMahon Reportedly to put the XFL up for sale

Vince McMahon Responds to Oliver Luck’s Lawsuit

Earlier we reported that former XFL CEO and Commissioner, Oliver Luck, had sued Vince McMahon for wrongful termination. This comes after the league suspended operations and filed for bankruptcy a few days later only keeping on a skeleton crew to handle miscellaneous business until bankruptcy is over or the league is sold.

Now, via Daniel Kaplan of The Athletic, we have a response from Vince McMahon on the lawsuit.

“Oliver Luck’s services as Commissioner and CEO of The XFL were terminated by a letter sent to him on Apr. 9, 2020 which explained the reasons for the termination. As to the lawsuit he filed, his allegations will be disputed and the position of Mr. McMahon will be set forth in our response to his lawsuit.”

As we stated earlier, due to the lawsuit we now know more details on Luck’s compensation. He was set to make between $20-25M over a five year contract. Seeing as Luck missing from the XFL’s bankruptcy filing on April 13. His suit notes that he was never listed as a creditor because Alpha Entertainment, McMahon’s entity, filed to reject many executive contracts at the same time as filing their petition.

We’ll keep you posted as more information comes out on this lawsuit as well as any news on the possible sale of the XFL.