USFLPA Issues Statesment on USFL-XFL Merger Intention

USFLPA Issues Statesment on USFL-XFL Merger Intention

Earlier today the USFL and XFL put out a joint statement announcing that they intend to merge. This news comes after reports started surfacing last week stating the two were looking towards joining forces.

As the deal is not final, both leagues are continuing business as usual. With that said, it seems the same is the case with the USFL Players Association (USFLPA).

In their statement, Local Union President Dartez Jacobs states ”

With respect to the official announcement of the USFL-XFL merger intention, our union plans to move forward with out CBA bargainning as scheduled.

While these potentially long-term talks continue between the leagues, it is business as usual at the USFL and in your union. We will continue to bargain and enforce our agreement with the USFL, which helps us provide security for our jobs and earnings of the players under the union contract.”

It’ll definitely be interesting to see how these two companies come together, and the players assopciation is no exception.

When the USFL players voted, a union was unaimously approved. In direct contract, the XFL players voted against it when given the opportunity.

We’ll keep you posted as more information on the merger between the USFL and XFL comes to light.

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