Details Emerging Regarding A Potential USFL-XFL Merger

USFL/XFL Merger Reported to be Announced This Week with 12 Teams

Late-September rumors started making the rounds that the USFL and XFL were in talks to potentially join forces. It didn’t take long for the two leagues to break their silence. About a week after the news dropped the USFL and XFL put out a joint statement announcing their intent to merge. At the time details were slim, other than more information would be coming.

Since then there’s been a lot of speculation on when the news could become official, how many teams the league will have and what the schedule could look like.

Last month we had reported that one scenario showed the league adopting all eight USFL teams, while bringing in four from the XFL. Other scenarios have surfaced since that intial report showing five teams from each league.

As for timing, it seems like we may some indication. Longtime sports reporter Howard Balzer states that an announcement from the USFL and XFL is coming this week.

Additionally, he states that the combined league will house 12-teams.

Something else that we’ve heard is that the new league will also take on a new name. FOX has trademarked ‘National Spring Football League’ and the XFL has secured ‘United Football League’, but there’s still no indication on which direction they’ll go.

Our feeling is that when the merger is officially announced, there should be a good amount of news to come along with it. We fully expect to learn the league name, locations and timelines along with the announcement.

Whether is 10 teams or 12 teams, this new league will become the largest spring football league since the original USFL in the 80’s.

The timing is still not official, the news could still be a bit longer. There’s also rumors that it could be revealed the week of the 13th.

For now, we wait. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted as more information comes out on the pending merger between the USFL and XFL.

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  1. Loved the old usfl from yesterday year, and have loved both new usfl and xfl. If I was a marketing person to both leagues I would one put the Houston roughness or Gamblers in Tulsa or Oak. City. Call them by the state name,
    Then ,put another team in Nebraska using the state name again. Put one team in Utah, same principle. Try and feed off the love of college football. Create pro. rivalries . Dallas, Houston San Antonio . Forget New York , or New Jersey for now. Look at St. Louis and potential rivalries with Memphis, Birmingham. If keep Seattle in the mix , then create a rivalry in San Diego or even Vancouver or Oakland . I would change names to state names for just some of the teams. But my point is there are cities with good populations dying to have a professional
    football team. Try to work off of how college football created themselves into what is today on the financial side. If they do this right, and go with 12 to 14 teams and play late Feb to the end of June. I would have down the road try to have 16 to 18 teams geographically 6 on the eastern side, 6 midwest, southwest 4 to 6 on the west side of the country. This is still good professional football. People will fill the seats.
    What ever the new is, call the divisions usfl and xfl. This could for a time create its own rivarly in its self , like the nfl and the all. There was a lot of talent in the old usfl that ended up playing in the nfl in the 1980’s

  2. I like the idea of getting rid of the teams that are already in a city with a NFL Team. So teams like Las Vegas, Houston etc… should relocate to Utah , Nebraska ,San Antonio or San Diego that way they can be the only pro team in town. Hopefully they will have 12 teams with Six teams in each conference and three teams in each division. Call it The USFL and call the Championship game the X Bowl

  3. I think these are in -Battlehawks defenders dragons brahmas renegades from xfl. Stallions anD showboats from Memphis .

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