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USFL Week 3 Ratings Are In — How Did They Fare?

Last week the USFL took a dip in ratings, but overall still pulled in over 1 millions viewers for their showcase broadcast on FOX. There were many opinions on the situation, but FOX executives seemed pleased with the numbers.

It was always expected that we’d see a drop, as we have with every spring league that has come before it. It was quickly pointed out that the new USFL was performing on par with many other more well established sports leagues. Premiere League, FS1 and NHL to name a few.

Now, with week 3 in the books, many had wondered where the viewership would go from there.

Thanks to @SportsTVRatings on Twitter, we have a look at the first two matchups that aired during the double header on FOX.

The early game between the Houston Gamblers and Tampa Bay Bandits pulled in 825k viewers. This matchup out performed every Premier League matchup and came close to topping UFC Fight Night. Again, it was able to beat-out the NHL in ratings, which definitely adds value to the USFL broadcasting right.

Looking towards to big game of the week between the undefeated Birmingham Stallions and New Orleans Breakers, the league was able to draw in 1.144M viewers.

The big item to come out of this is that the USFL saw a 6% increase in their prime time showing week over week. Generally speaking, it usually takes a few more weeks before we start seeing the baseline. With the USFL, it seems they have their base tuning in on a consistent basis. Again, it is still early in the season, but this looks to be great news.

We haven’t seen the numbers for the Sunday matchups, but we’ll keep you posted as we do. The early game took place on USA, but it’s hard to say what we’ll see out of the Peacock exclusive that took place later in the afternoon.

Did you enjoy the last week of USFL action? What matchup are you looking forward to the most in week 4? Let us know down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.