USFL Video Game Reportedly in the Works with Axis Football

USFL Video Game Potentially in the Works with Axis Football

The USFL has successfully wrapped up their inaugural season, now all the attention is on season 2. Since the USFL Championship we’ve seen over thirty USFL players get signed to the NFL, with seemingly more on the way.

Since the league was announced fans have been hoping to see a USFL video game in the mix. With the first season in the books, it seems as if the league may be working on just that.

Sports Gamers Online reports that Axis Football and the USFL have had talks about a potential licensing deal.

Mike Straw of Sports Gamers Online caught up with Danny Jugan (Lead Developer, Axis Football 2023) during their SGO Developer Spotlight. During the conversation Jugan discussed speaking with the USFL about a licensing deal that would bring the leage’s eight franchises into the game.

Yes, we right now and I won’t share too much, but we are in talks with the USFL. They have been fantastic. We’ve had a handful of meetings with them. Our goal is to be able to bring in an officially licensed league and still maintain the quality and heart of what Axis Football is. And so we wouldn’t bring in a league if it meant that we had to do away with what makes Axis Football, Axis Football. The good parts of it.

And there has been no indication from any of the people we’ve talked to that they want to wholesale change what the game is. All of our talks have been super positive and we’re very excited about the the possibility of working with them.

Interestingly enough, this isn;t the first time that this potential partnership ahs been brough up. Planet Leaux (USFL Network) posted about this exact subjuct back in July.

They say, where there’s smoke there’s fire. At minimum, it sounds like the league is at least exporing the idea. Will they land with Axis Football? Only time will tell.

Regardless, for all those hoping for a USFL video game, it could be come a reality sooner than expected.

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