USFL Updates Website Ahead of 2022 Announcement

USFL Updates Website Ahead of 2022 Announcement

Earlier this year it was revealed that the United States Football League (USFL) would be retuning in 2022. At the moment we didn’t know much other than that the league was targeting a minimum of eight teams and that FOX was financially involved.

Not on is FOX involved, they have an ownership stake and are planning on pumping $150M into the USFL over the first three seasons.

Last month is when the ball really started rolling though. That’s when news started making the rounds that USFL officials were in talks with representatives from the city of Birmingham, AL to host the entirety of its inaugural 2022 season. With the financials approved and agreed upon both parties have been working in the background to finalize a deal.

Beyond Birmingham hosting all eight teams in 2022, they would host as many as four for the leagues second season with all teams reporting to their respective cities by 2024. Additionally, Birmingham will get two featured spots per game; considering that a majority of the matchups are set to air on broadcast television it’s great exposure for the city.

It’s being reported that the USFL is set to make an official announcement on the 2022 season this week, and the stars seem to be aligning.

Earlier this week the USFL updated all of their social media accounts, securing @USFL and @USFLComms on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. With the updates we saw the first new set of USFL imagery since the announcement, and we must admit it looks sharp.

USFL Twitter

Today the league made a new round of updates. Around midnight EST the USFL updated their website, giving it a complete refresh, new graphics included.

USFL Updates Website Ahead of 2022 Announcement


Is this a sign that the announcement is around the corner? We think so!

In the update we get confirmation on a couple items. Although it was expected that the USFL would launch with eight teams, they did leave the door open for 10. Looking at the website, they specifically mention eight teams solidifying the number of franchises we’ll see in their inaugural season.

We also get confirmation on the number of weeks that the league will be playing, with the most important detail being that they will be kicking off in April.

It’s been reported that the USFL was targeting an April 15th kickoff, so this lines up with that perfectly.

At the moment there’s not much more on the site, other than a link to the online shop and a signup for their email list. Upon completion of, you’re greeted with a message that states “Look for upcoming USFL info in your inbox soon”. The online shop still has the same items it launched with last month, but we’re hoping to see that change once the league makes their announcement.

Many fans have been waiting patiently for the USFL to give more details on their upcoming 2022 season, but it looks like they won’t have to wait much longer.

Earlier this week we went over some of the items we’d like to see when the USFL outlines their plans, but we want to know what you’d like to hear. Let us know down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.