An Early Look at How the USFL Schedule is Taking Shape

USFL Trading Cards Seemingly in the Works

The inaugural USFL season is just about wrapped up. There’s just one week left before we head to Canton, OH for the USFL Playoffs and Championship.

Since the league was announced, we’ve been asked on numerous occasions if the USFL would have trading cards. The AAF and XFL both had deals with Topps, and so far there has been no word on if the USFL would follow.

If you were hoping to start collecting USFL trading cards, it looks like there’s some good news on that front.

Darius Victor of the New Jersey Generals shared a story on Instagram showing him signing his autograph with the caption “Signed cards coming soon… make sure you get that”.

Although the manufacturer was not shown or mentioned, we’d suspect it’ll Topps. Not only are they one of the leaders in the market. They have a long history of working with startup leagues.

For those that are worried that we may not see a second season, this should let you rest a little easier. If the USFL is actively working on new products, you can bet that they’re planning on playing more football to go along with it.

We’ll keep you posted as more information comes out around the release of the USFL trading cards.

Do you collect trading cards? Will you pickup the USFL collection when it drops? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.