Possible USFL Teams and New Trademarks filed Ahead of Announcement

USFL Southern Division Coaches Reportedly Leak Before Official Announcement

Last night the USFL revealed that they would announce their “first set of head coaches” live on The Herd today. Initially, fans online expected all of the coaches to be announced, but it looks like we’re getting the coaches by division.

Looking back at the XFL, they announced each coach one by one. At least here we’re getting half of them at once.

Well, it looks like we may not need to wait for The Herd to kickoff to learn the names. McElroy and Cubelic in the Morning (WJOX 94.5) reported that they have the list of head coaches from the USFL’s Southern Division.

Here is the list that was revealed earlier.

You may want to stick around for The Herd, as these names are still yet to be confirmed by the league.

UPDATE: Gene Chizik has took to Twitter to say that he has had discussions with the USFL, but it is not finalized. The official announcement is set to be revealed on The Herd shortly, so we’ll keep you posted as more comes in.

After the announcement comes we’ll still have four coaches to go. Although there’s no timeline on when the league will reveal the next set, we’d expect it to be soon.

UPDATE 2: The first four USFL head coaches are now official. Colin Cowherd dropped the news live during the third hour of The Herd. With the reveal, we can see the leak from earlier was off by just a bit. Three of the names listed earlier are indeed on the list, but other than Kevin Sumlin, the others were incorrectly attributed.

You can see the official list below:

The league is set to fill out their rosters in the last week of February during a player selection meeting. From there, each team will compile a 38-man roster to report to training camp in late-March.

Then, it’s off to the races.

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