Pre-Draft Roster Preview: Birmingham Stallions

USFL Season 2 Set to Kickoff April 15th

It was just yesterday that FOX aired a USFL season 2 promo during their Sunday NFL coverage, now we have news on that subject.

The USFL Comms account shared a Tweet that confirms that the league will be returning on April 15th. Additionally, it states that the Birmingham Stallions host the New Orleans Breakers this season.

Interestingly enough, Coach Holtz and Bo Scarbrough will be holding a fan engagement event tonight in Birmingham, AL. So, if you’re in the area, you may want to go check it out in person.

If you’re looking to scoop up tickets for 2023, we have some good news for you. Starting today you can pre-register for season tickets in Birmingham.

Last year all eight teams played in Birmingham, this time around things will likely be different. It’s been reported that Birmingham, Detroit and Memphis could be the landing spats for 2023.

Regardless, this would still give you two teams to root for out of Birmingham for the price of one season ticket.

Do you plan on tuning into season 2 of the USFL? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.

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  1. Can’t wait for season 2 of the USFL !! Saw all the games!! Enjoyed the professionalism of all Coaches and Players!! Hope to see the games inmate Venues than one I hope in the Future that Las Vegas or some where in the San Diego/ Southern California area a team or teams are planted!! Thanks for all the Hard Work and Sweat that was put into T first USFL RETURN !! Can”t wait till next April 2023 !! Go Generals!! My favorite USFL Team!!

  2. Dreams of USFL season 2-The USFL will schedule a Michigan road game to Houston, so Paxton Lynch could play in Memphis and have fans root for him or maybe at Memphis and have them be apprehensive about rooting for him. It works either way. In Houston, the QB he will be playing is none other than Chad Kelly, becoming a USFL star and saving his uncle’s team from relocation to Denver or anywhere else, because face it Kelly’s Irish Pub is better than Long John Silver’s or McDonald’s. They can move into Houston with a fan base and Houston can support both teams. Chad being a dual threat QB. I think Kevin Sumlin has some experience with that.—Birmingham will have it’s Giddy Up, attendance will rise in Birmingham and they will improve, but their record may not reflect it because the other teams improved too.—Kirby Wilson realizes that although his most important job is to mold men, he will do it with a more balanced attack, setting up his players for success. I know it was early in the season, but pretty much that Freedom play to each side of the field was the only passing play he felt comfortable running that first week or two. This being year two he and his team will be much better prepared allowing Pittsburgh to have a team worth watching for more than their heart, which by the way was mighty—Hoping we see the Stars come out and Case Cookus will enjoy his one year wedding anniversary in the playoffs with Paul Terry helping out. I met his parents at the Championship game. I wish for them to continue to enjoy his game.—Dreaming of how Mike Riley and the 3 Amigos will help keep the Generals competitive after losing a purely capable QB, both top corners, their DC, 2 of their 3 top wideouts including the league MVP, not to mention their top lineman. As he has always done, he will seek out the best players he can find that works with the rest of the team. I have all the faith in the heart of this team—Hoping to see Dave the Wave wave to fans that drove up from New Orleans hoping to see Cole Kelley, Clayton Thorson (remember in my dream Chad Kelly plays for Houston), another signee or Bryan Scott throwing to the strong Breakers WR crew.—Hoping to see all Michigan Panthers home games scheduled at Ford Field to build up consistency for season ticket holders. If a conflict occurs schedule when they are away, even at the north hub—I most would want the Generals to have a hub and although I feel Jersey would support the product other things may hold that from happening and I would want what is best for the league—It would be so cool to see Jordan Ta’amu walking in Memphis, with his feet 10 feet off of Beale. The way he dresses he would be doing it in style and Memphis would be that and his town….and with Kerrith Whyte Jr along with a healthy o-line they would be a team Memphis could get behind. And lastly have you seen John Atkins and Daylon Mack play the d-line. Let’s just say Reggie would be proud.

  3. Well almost on cue, Chad Kelly puts his team on his back coming in for injured and leads his team to a comeback win in the Grey Cup. Congrats! Chad.

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