Possible USFL Teams and New Trademarks filed Ahead of Announcement

REPORT: USFL Searching for Outside Investors to Help Fund Expansion

The USFL is set to host their inaugural championship game this weekend where the Philadelphia Stars will take on the Birmingham Stallions. Although the season isn’t complete just yet, we’ve already started hearing more about the future of the league.

Yesterday is was confirmed that the USFL will be back in 2023, and is working towards expanding to up to four hubs. Now, today we have some more news to dive into.

Josh Kosman of the New York Post reports that FOX and the USFL have hired Allen & Co. to help the league find new minority investors to assist in expansion.

The Fox Sports-owned United States Football League has hired investment bank Allen & Co. to find minority investors to help fund the league’s expansion, three sources with knowledge of the situation said.

The report goes on to say “Fox’s plan is to raise between $150 million and $200 million, two sources said”.

The investment firm Allen & Co. should be familiar with the task at hand. They just came from assisting the sale of the Denver Broncos to Walmart’s Rob Walton.

This is clearly more good news for all USFL fans out there. Not only do we have confirmation of a second season, it looks as if the league is already working towards expansion.

Where would you like to see the USFL expand in the future? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.

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  1. Living in Atlanta I would like to see a USFL team here. I think more exposure out west would be good, LA, Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake City/Provo, Colorado Springs (instead of Denver), Nashville, Orlando, Charlotte/Raleigh, Norfolk, Columbus, Oh. Even though I mentioned large markets like LA & Seattle, I really believe the markets best served by the USFL would be smaller to medium size markets. Big enough to support a pro team but no need to serve an NFL size/expensive team. You don’t need an 80,000 seat stadium, but using like BYU’s stadium in Provo would be plenty large enough at a max of maybe 60,000. The UAB Protective Stadium is perfect, 47,000 capacity and will be enough for years to come. I think the smaller markets would gladly support a pro team football team and the team wouldn’t get lost in the exposure sharing the city with an NFL team. The USFL doesn’t want to play little brother to the NFL and being separated from them in most cities would be great for the cities as well as the USFL.

  2. The league needs to put the teams in their home cities starting next year. Hub cities don’t cut it with fans.
    You need fans in the seats. Watching empty stadiums is awful to look at on TV and very dull.
    Expand the league at least four more teams next year and two more each year after that. Their are many cities
    that would be great for teams, but make sure you include the old teams from the original USFL. Make tickets
    for these games as cheap as possible; ten dollars for great seats, five for lesser seats, and free for end zone seats.
    A full stadium of enthusiastic home town fans would increase your TV ratings by double. And greatly help
    the league develop and succeed.

  3. Would love to see a team back in Memphis, Orlando, Oakland, and San Antonio. Love the old USFL teams.

  4. Memphis def needs to be in the list of expansion cities. The new USFL was savvy in putting a team in Birmingham. Alabama is a football hotspot. Going by that same reasoning they should put a team either in Nebraska or in Iowa. I’m sure it would be very successful. Cant go wrong with the league having two Texas teams therefore San Antonio should def make the expansion list. They also need a second team in Florida so Orlando seems to be the most likely fit. We need some California teams– not LA or San Fran since those are already NFL hot spots–but how about getting San Diego and Sacramento in the league? The NFL already has Seattle,WA so why not have the USFL expand into the state of Oregon? Could Albuquerque or Salt Lake be good places to consider? We need another team to compete with the NJ/PA area–Norfolk? Columbus? Hartford? Boston? Long Island?

  5. To Fox/Allen: international expansion should be on the radar it is so underserved. However, it wont ever succeed unless its a different game…my version of football that mixes MMA is designed for export…So a USFL backed WarBall maybe in the fall would pit Team USA against China, Japan, etc. USFL players could mix with foreign up to 20% of roster. www,bangball.org

  6. Nashville for when the Titans are not playing the USFL team could use the same field

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