USFL Reveals We're Officially 100 Days Until Kickoff

USFL Reveals We’re Officially 100 Days Until Kickoff

Going into the year it was expected that we’d see a rapid fire of announcements from the USFL. Boy, were we spot on.

Starting out the year we reported that the league would be holding a draft in the last week of February. It wasn’t long after that the news was confirmed on PFT, where they stated the league would be holding player selection meetings Feb 22nd and 23rd.

Last night, the USFL shared that they would be announcing their “first set of head coaches” live on The Herd today.

Luckily, for the anxious fans out there, it looks like the Southern Division coaches have leaked before the reveal. We don’t know when the Northern Division coaches will be named, but expect it to come down the pipeline soon.

The league didn’t stop there though. Before they were set to announce the head coaches, the USFL revealed that we’re officially 100 days from kickoff.

Going into this, April 15th was the projects USFL kickoff. This would land on a Friday, but the league even stated that they may play special games on Friday’s and Monday’s throughout the season.

With this latest news from the USFL, we now know that kickoff will actually be Saturday, April 16th.

It’s still to be officially confirmed, but all signs point to the USFL hosting all eight franchises out of Birmingham, AL for the first season. From there, the league could host as many as four teams in 2023, with all eight reporting to their respective cities by the third season.

The USFL is now moving full steam ahead towards kickoff, and now we have a date to go along with it.

Will you be tuning into the USFL this year? Do you plan on attending any games in Birmingham? Let us know down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.

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  1. The fact that the USFL only releases a little information at a time as opposed to coming across as truly professional and having a big press conference where they release all the pertinent information all at once, I will feel the league is a joke. They are coming across as anything but professional.

    They don’t even have scouts or a scouting department yet, no front office staff for the league or the teams, no doctors, trainers, no practice facilities. Unless they quickly release all that information and show that they have hired all the necessary people I can’t take this league serious.

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