USFL Reveals All Eight Team Uniforms

USFL Reveals All Eight Team Uniforms

This has been a big week for the new USFL. First we learned of the partnership with SportRadar, then the news dropped that the league would be playing their playoffs and championship at Tom Benson HOF Stadium in Canton, OH. But, they weren’t done just yet.

Last night the USFL put social media on notice when they announced that they would be revealing all eight team uniforms today. At the time the news came out, there was no specific timing on the reveal, but we didn’t need to wait long to find out.

Shortly before the league started the roll-out they posted a full schedule showing when each teams uniform would be unveiled.

The first up, the Birmingham Stallions. This makes sense, as the entirety of the USFL regular season is set to be housed in Birmingham, AL. If they’re going to host the season, they might as well get the first reveal.

Going into the announcement it wasn’t know if we’d see variations in the uniforms. Thankfully, when the first reveal took place, fans were greeted with both home and away versions.

The league was very methodical on how they released the info. Each team’s reveal was spread-out over the hour, leading right into the next team uniform. Each received a package video, accompanied by more social media posts outlining the intricacies of each.

Additionally, after a short time offline, the USFL Shop reopened with brand new merchandise; something fans have been asking about for a long time. Naturally, with the jersey reveals, replicas were available for purchase on the updated shop.

Birmingham Stallions

Pittsburgh Maulers

Tampa Bay Bandits

Houston Gamblers

New Jersey Generals

Michigan Panthers

New Orleans Breakers

Philadelphia Stars

All Eight USFL Team Uniforms

If the uniforms reveals weren’t enough, the league is also going to have their Draft Lottery aired today during ‘Speak For Yourself’ live on FS1. But, that’s not all, the league is going to be releasing more details on the Draft this Friday, so beyond the order we should know more soon.

Which is your favorite USFL uniform? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.

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