USFL Registers Trademark for Mobile Stallions

USFL Registers Trademark for Mobile Stallions

Mid-way through The Spring League season it was announced that the United States Football League (USFL) would be returning on FOX in 2022. When the deal came out it was revealed that the new USFL would be owned by TSL CEO Brian Woods with FOX having a piece of the pie as well.

Since then we’ve seen the league shift from The Spring League LLC to a new holding company; NSFL Enterprises Co, LLC. With the change we also saw the list of trademarks narrow from 98 to 36… until today where it jumped to 37.

In the initial trademarks from NSFL we saw 15 specific to former USFL franchises. Among the names was favorites like the New Jersey Generals, Tampa Bay Bandits, and of course, the Birmingham Stallions.

Taking is a step further, when the USFL opened their online shop the Birmingham Stallions were one of the four teams featured on the site.

This makes sense because the USFL is currently in talks with the city of Birmingham to host all eight teams in 2022. If a deal is struck the city could host as many as four teams in 2023, with all eight reporting to their respective cities by the third season.

Discussions are seemingly going well, as just yesterday the city secured all the funding needed to host the season. Now, both parties are working on finalizing a deal, and we expect to hear an official announcement in the near future.

That leads us to the latest trademark, which… is just a bit confusing with all things considered. The National Spring Football League has now registered a new variation for the Stallions, but for the city of Mobile, AL.

The Mobile Stallions trademark was filed on October 25th, and at the moment is the only of the trademarks teams to have a variation.

In the original set of USFL trademarks, prior to the move to NSFL, there were many variations of each city. But since the move, each franchise was assigned a lone location.

What does this mean? Honestly we don’t know. With the tight work between the city of Birmingham and the USFL, we’d say that it’s almost 100% likelihood that the Birmingham Stallions return. As for what the Mobile Stallions trademark is for, well we may never know, but we’ll keep you posted as more information comes out.

What USFL franchise are you hoping makes a comeback in 2022? Let us know down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.

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  1. My 8 Teams Id Like to See Return 2022
    1 Stars
    2 Renegades
    3 Wranglers
    4 Stallions
    5 Invaders
    6 Gamblers
    7 Panthers
    8 Generals

    Year they get their home town teams join

  2. The key is to avoid NFL cities unless they have terrible ownership (Lions and Texans), while targeting places that don’t have an NFL team. My personal picks for the first eight,

    Birmingham Stallions
    San Antonio Gunslingers
    Chicago Blue Sox
    Houston Gamblers
    Memphis Showboats
    St. Louis Redbirds
    Oakland Invaders (or San Francisco Centurions if Oakland is being unreasonable again)
    San Diego Fleet (or Mariners if you can’t acquire the Fleet name)

    But knowing them, it will most likely be,

    New Jersey Generals
    Los Angeles Express
    Chicago Blitz
    San Antonio Gunslingers
    Houston Gamblers
    Oakland Invaders
    Philadelphia Stars
    Birmingham Stallions

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