USFL Reaches 100,000 Total Followers Across Social Media

USFL Reaches 100,000 Total Followers Across Social Media

Back in June is when we first learned the United States Football League (USFL) would be returning in 2022. The league went silent for a while before we heard anymore on their plans.

That was until October. That’s when we first heard reports that the USFL was in talks with reps from Jefferson County and Birmingham, AL to host all eight teams in 2022.

In November the league finally broke its silence when it announced its first set of hires, as well as revealed all eight team names and logos live on The Herd. This was also the same day that the USFL social media profiles went live for the eight teams.

December did not disappoint either. Earlier this week the league put out a press release announcing that they had signed a multi-year deal with NBC to air the USFL across their affiliates. This deal will see the USFL get huge exposure right out of the gate. 10 games will be televised on NBC, 9 on USA with Peacock TV exclusively airing four. On the FOX side, 12 will be on FOX, with 10 on FS1.

Additionally, FOX ran their first promo for the league during Thursday Night Football.

Some had argued that the USFL was too quiet after the return was unveiled, but with roughly four months until kickoff the league has been ramping up the news big time.

Well, their hard works seems to be paying off. Earlier this afternoon the league shared that USFL social media accounts have now collectively surpassed 100,000 followers.

Earlier this month we did a deep dive into the USFL team accounts to see if we could get a feeling of the popularity based on followers. Leading the pack is the Pittsburgh Maulers, followed by the Michigan Panthers and Philadelphia Stars. Needless to say, it seems that the mid-west likes their USFL franchises.

There’s still a lot of announcements that the USFL still needs to make before the season kicks off next April. With each one, we expect to see these numbers jump; especially so when the games begin.

What’s your favorite USFL franchise? Who would you like to see come in and coach in the league? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.