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USFL Ratings Are In For Friday Night Matchup Between Panthers and Generals

The USFL just wrapped up their second week of action. The first matchup between the Michigan Panthers and New Jersey Generals was slow, but the rest of the weekend made up for it.

This was also the first time this season that the league would host a game on a Friday night. USA Network would be airing the game, and last week they pulled in over 771k viewers for the Stars/Breakers matchup. How did they fare in week two?

@SportsTVRatings on Twitter reports that USA Network grabbed 363k viewers this time around.

It was expected that we’d see the numbers drop going into the season, so this isn’t that surprising. As we stated before, this game took place on a Friday night, which is traditionally a poor timeslot for ratings.  But, it may be a little steeper than some had imagined.

We still expect that the USFL will pull over 1M viewers for it’s flagship broadcasts on FOX and NBC, so we’ll keep you updated as more viewership information comes in for week two.

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