USFL Officially Announces First All-USFL Offense For 2022 Season

USFL Officially Announces First All-USFL Offense For 2022 Season

As we head towards the end of the regular season, the USFL has officially announced its first All-USFL team offense.

The team is made up of: Kyle Sloter (NO), Darius Victor (NJ), Reggie Corbin (MI), Victor Bolden Jr. (BHAM), KaVontae Turpin (NJ), Sal Cannela (NO), Terry Poole (NJ), Cameron Hunt (BHAM), Jared Thomas (NO), Garrett McGhin (NJ), and Jarron Jones (TB).

Kyle Sloter: The Lone Quarterback

Kyle Sloter has been named as the quarterback for the All-USFL offense. He currently leads the league in passing yards, with 1,798. Sloter has led the New Orleans Breakers to a 6-3 record, which has officially clinched them a spot in the inaugural USFL playoffs in Canton.

The Running Backs: Speed & Power

As for running backs, Reggie Corbin and Darius Victor have been named All-USFL this season, and for good reason. Both have been spectacular for their teams (New Jersey & Michigan), and should absolutely be in an NFL camp soon.

Darius Victor is second in the league with rushing yards, with 543. He also leads the USFL in rushing touchdowns, scoring nine times (including three against Pittsburgh in week eight). His sheer dominance of opposing defenses make him into a force that no one wants to mess with.

Meanwhile, Reggie Corbin racked up 514 yards of his own in eight weeks, including a league record 88 yard rushing touchdown against Philadelphia back in week four. Corbin is an explosive back, and provided Jeff Fisher’s offense with plenty of speed during the regular season.

The Receiving Core: Diverse & Experienced

Heading the wide receiver group is KaVontae Turpin, and Victor Bolden Jr. – both of which have performed at a high level this season.

KaVontae Turpin currently leads the USFL in receiving yards with 472, while dazzling viewers with his incredible speed. Turpin has been sensational for Mike Riley’s offense, as Riley continues to find new ways to utilize his versatile receiver.

Meanwhile, Victor Bolden Jr. has been excellent for Birmingham. The explosive receiver has contributed in multiple ways, leading the USFL in all purpose yards. Bolden has been a go to guy for J’Mar Smith, and will continue to do so as we hit the postseason.

Sal Cannella serves as the team’s only tight end, doing a bit of everything for the New Orleans Breakers this season. He currently has 364 receiving yards on the year, and provides Larry Fedora with a great blocker, who can also run some fantastic routes.

The Offensive Line

While grading offensive linemen isn’t the easiest task, all five athletes deserve to be where they are. Led by Jared Thomas, center for the Breakers, this group is ready to protect whoever comes at them from every direction.

Final Thoughts

The USFL has seen some exceptional talent come into the league throughout its inaugural season. It’s hard to fit everyone onto a small team like this, because there are so many that deserve to be here.

At the end of the day, we will continue to enjoy watching all of the outstanding athletes who continue to contribute to their teams in the USFL.

What do you think of the first All-USFL Offense? Who are some players that you think got snubbed from this list? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!