USFL Fantasy Football Is Here: Alt Fantasy Sports

USFL Fantasy Football Is Here: Alt Fantasy Sports

Fantasy football has become an integral part of American sports culture, with millions of fans participating in leagues every year. The game, which allows fans to draft and manage their own virtual football teams, has a rich history that dates back to the 1960s. While the early versions of fantasy football were limited to paper-based systems, advancements in technology have allowed the game to evolve into the online platform that we know today.

The modern fantasy football industry has exploded in popularity over the past decade, with an estimated 59 million people in the United States and Canada playing the game in 2020. The rise of fantasy football has led to a surge in the popularity of the NFL, with fans tuning in to watch games that they may not have otherwise been interested in, in order to follow the performances of their fantasy players.

Alt Fantasy Sports

Alternative Fantasy football is a newer concept, with many people backing away from the idea because of the premature endings of their respective leagues (AAF for XFL) but, as the USFL enters season 2, I believe it is a perfect time to commit to a full time fantasy league, and I have my pick! (@altfantasysport on Twitter) is the perfect website to manage all of your spring football needs. On the home page, simply login or register, choose your username, email and password and you will then be greeted with a simple dashboard, and then a create league USFL button at the top. When selected you can create a league name, set specific point counts, and limits for players, like in any traditional fantasy app.

After you create your league, you will have four options. League info, Players, Rosters and Matchups. Scroll down to change your team name, check transactions, trades and to schedule your draft! When scheduling your draft you can choose how many players you want in your league, as well as the draft date, time, and player count. This website, hosted entirely by volunteers, is one of the absolute best I have found so far for Alt-Football fantasy, and I’m sure you will all love it as well!

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