Possible USFL Teams and New Trademarks filed Ahead of Announcement

USFL Executive Team Includes Daryl Johnston and Mike Periera

Last June it was revealed that the United States Football League would be returning in 2022. Not many details were known at the time of the announcement other than that the league would be targeting a minimum of eight teams that would be associated with cities. Other than that, announcements on coaches, rosters and everything else was listed as coming soon.

The news of the USFL’s reboot came via a short spot on FOX Sports from former New Jersey Generals quarterback Doug Flutie and was also aired during The Spring League season that was airing on FOX at the time.

After the announcement came news was dormant for many months, that is until we learned that the USFL was in talks with reps from Birmingham, AL to host the entirety of its inaugural season. Between Birmingham City Council and the Jefferson County Commission they pulled together $3.6M needed to host the season.

Part of the deal would also see Birmingham get two spots per game. Considering that a majority of the matchups are to take place on network television, this is fantastic exposure for the city.

Many have been expecting a formal announcement from FOX ever since the finances were approved by the city, although we’re still waiting we do have some news to talk about.

Ben Fisher of Sports Business Journal reports that Fox Sports will announce details on the USFL kick off, and has named an executive team led by co-Founder Brian Woods.

Brian Woods will serve as President of Football Operations for the new USFL.

Working with Woods are three veteran Fox employees:

  • Daryl Johnston as Exec VP/Football Operations
  • Mike Pereira as Head of Officiating
  • Edward Hartman as Exec VP/Business Operations.

Hartman recently left a position at Fox Corp to become Fox Sports Senior VP/Digital Partnerships & Wagering. Additionally, Fox Sports CEO & Exec Producer Eric Shanks will serve as Chair of the USFL’s board.

Last night the USFL updated their website for the first time since it was revealed they were returning. There wasn’t much added to the site, but it did receive a complete graphical overhaul and was a huge indicator that news was coming.

It looks like the USFL means business with these hires and we can’t see who else jumps on board. FOX is expected to make their official announcement later today, so stay tuned to USFL Newsroom for all the latest updates.

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  1. I’m just waiting for this formal Press Conference!
    Once they fully launch their website reporting their own transactions Ill feel like This is REAL ( Not saying Im Doubting but Reporting their own News is What we want to See) Then Again does it really Much look at MLFB they’ve been stalling ever since they came into our awareness. I liked their Brand until I heard and saw their team announcements and that’s as generic as it can get. If they get off the ground they may as well Use the entire AAF brand. Anyway Im Glad the NFL lil cousin is back USFL forever!

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