USFL Debuts New Promo During Final Week of NFL Regular Season

USFL Debuts New Promos During Final Week of NFL Regular Season

Last month the USFL debuted their first promo during Thursday Night Football. We then saw two more come out of the league the following Sunday. In fact, we’ve seen USFL promos aired during every NFL broadcast on FOX since.

With the NFL regular season wrapping up today, the league has debuted a brand new promo for their upcoming season.

Just like the first three that came before, this is also a 10 second ad. Regardless of the time limit, this is huge exposure for the new league.

This is the last week of regular season action in the NFL, so we’re hoping to see more during the playoffs. With NBC set to host the Super Bowl, we may see that new broadcast partnership pay dividends. Looking back at the AAF and XFL, both received airtime during the big game. We expect to see the same for the USFL.

As we were writing this, yet another new USFL promo aired. Thankfully, the USFL has now posted the latest promo on social media.

The latest ad gives us another look at the USFL ball, which once again shows the stars near the tip. This almost all but confirms that this will be the ball the league will be using this season.

The last time we saw new promos, they came in three’s. We’ll keep you posted if another one drops today! Make sure you’re following USFL Newsroom for all the latest news as it comes in.

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