USFL Coaches Set to be Announced Tomorrow on The Herd

USFL Coaches Set to be Announced Tomorrow on The Herd

Going into the new year we expected to see a rapid fire of announcements from the USFL. We’re less than a week in and we’ve been getting more details left and right.

Starting out the year we reported that the league would be hosting their draft in the last week of February. It wasn’t long after that PFT confirmed the news, stating that the USFL would be holding a player selection meeting Feb 22nd and 23rd.

With the teams set to fill their rosters, we said that we expected that coaches would be announced sooner rather than later. Well, now we know when.

Just now the USFL revealed that the head coaches will be announced LIVE on tomorrows edition of The Herd.

It would make sense that we’d see the announcement on FS1, mainly due to FOX’s ownership stake in the league. In fact, we saw the USFL team names and logos revealed on The Herd back in November.

The show is set to start at 12pm ET, and we’d expect to hear the news around the halfway point of the episode. That being said, if you’re interested in the news, you’ll probably want to tune in from the very beginning just in case.

UPDATE: The USFL just sent out a media advisory. In which it states that tomorrow the “first set of USFL head coaches” will be announced. We’re currently working on clarification, but it seems that we may not learn all eight tomorrow.

USFL Head Coach Media Advisory

It was just earlier today that we reported that the head coaches in the USFL would be responsible for all player personnel matters, and each team would have a Director of Football Operations to assist. This would follow the same path as the XFL, essentially having the coach serve as the general manager as well.

We didn’t know it would be so soon that we’d learn the coaches, but the timing seemed to turn out pretty good.

We’re excited to learn who will be the faces running the teams for the league going into the first season, and make sure you stay tuned to USFL Newsroom for all the latest news.

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