USFL News Coming During 11/22 Edition of The Herd

USFL 2022 News Coming During Monday Edition of The Herd on FS1

Last week FOX released their first set of details around the 2022 re-launch of the United States Football League (USFL). The last time we heard about the league was when it was announced that the USFL was returning back in June.

With last weeks announcement, there’s still a lot of details that are still unknown. Mainly, which teams will be returning and who will be coaching these franchises. Although the USFL hasn’t announced the location of their bubble season, it’s expected to be in Birmingham, AL after the city secured $3.6M to host the league in 2022.

Well, just now the USFL tweeted “You won’t want to miss tomorrow’s episode of The Herd”.

The Herd airs tomorrow on FS1 from 12pm – 3pm EST, so if you’re a fan of the upcoming USFL it sounds like you you’re going to want to hear what they have to say.

What will we hear? Well, to be frank, we don’t know yet.

If I was a gambling man (and I am), I’d guess that we’ll at minimum get the location  of the 2022 season. Which, as we mentioned, is almost certainly in Birmingham, AL.

That being said, we expect the league to announce more information as well. We’re hoping to at least get the eight teams that will be playing next year. It would also be nice to get the coaches, but that may be too much to ask for just yet.

What do you think the USFL will announce tomorrow on The Herd? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below or join the conversation on Discord.

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