The Storied History of the BattleDome | St. Louis Battlehawks | United Football League (UFL)

Upgrades Coming to The Dome for Upcoming and Future UFL Seasons

Excellent news for St. Louis Battlehawks (UFL) fans as it’s been reported that The Dome at America’s Center (formerly the Edward Jones Dome) has and will be receiving some significant upgrades.

The implications that naturally follow this news are arguably even better than the upgrades themselves: The Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority clearly has faith in the long-term viability of the Battlehawks and the UFL as a whole. Football is here to stay in St. Louis.


The biggest gripe a lot of Battlehawks fans had last season was not regarding any aspect of the team itself but instead their playing surface. The Dome’s turf looked a little worn during last year’s XFL season, but was particularly an eyesore in the subsequent Mizzou vs. Memphis game this last fall. The two sets of markings on the field definitely didn’t help.

Fans were clamoring for new turf, and the Sports Authority has delivered, with the new playing surface ordered and on its way. Unfortunately, as the order was delayed, it won’t be ready until after the 2024 UFL season. The Sports Authority reasonably found it necessary to wait until after the XFL-USFL merger was complete before placing the order.

In any case, when the turf does arrive, it will be an excellent enhancement to an already great gameday experience.

Lighting and Sound

Two other facets of The Dome have also been given their proper care, those being the lighting and sound system.

The Dome architecturally suffers from a lack of natural sunlight, as anyone who attends an event there can tell you.

Given this, the stadium’s lighting is exceptionally important, which is why the Sports Authority took it upon themselves to upgrade it to LED. The venue’s sound system will also see an upgrade in the future, with the bidding process going on right now.

Combined with the new turf, the new lights and sound system will provide for a greatly enhanced TV-watching and in-person experience. The future is bright for The Dome and St. Louis football, and there’s a lot to get excited about.

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