Update on Previously Reported USFL Combine/Free Agent Tryout

Update on Previously Reported USFL Combine/Free Agent Tryout

Earlier this month Adam Schefter reported that the USFL was set to hold a combine on March 19-20 in Birmingham, AL. Naturally, this stirred up a lot of confusion, as the league had just held their inaugural draft. Shortly after, we confirmed with the league that the event would note be a combine, but potentially a free agent tryout for players that didn’t get a look prior to the draft.

Since this news came out, we’ve had a lot of questions on what this event would be and how to attend.

We have confirmed with a source close to the USFL that there will not be an evaluation event in Birmingham. Instead, the league will be sending scouts to and already scheduled event hosted by American National Combines (ANC) to evaluate talent on April 9th in Atlanta.

The USFL has determined that the best near-term option to gather information on potential players not currently under USFL contract is to take advantage of an already scheduled football combine in Atlanta by American National Combines (ANC). The USFL will send scouts to ANC’s Atlanta combine on April 9. There is not an evaluation event in Birmingham

ANC is no newcomer to these types of events, we’ve seen them work with the XFL, TSL and now the USFL. For those that were looking for more information, we’re glad we could help.

The league recently held their inaugural draft, and this Thursday coaches will finalize their rosters for the upcoming season during the supplementary draft. The USFL social media teams will be on hand to drop all the picks as they come out, starting at 7pm ET on the 10th, so make sure you’re following all of your favorite teams. Additionally, the guys over at The USFL Podcast will be hosting live coverage on YouTube.

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