XFL Players Vote Against Unionizing

UFPA Issues Statement on Potential USFL/XFL Merger

Yesterday the football world was shocked when it was revealed that the USFL & XFL are in advanced talks about a potential merger. Since then, there’s been a lot of other details that have come out.

At the time of publication neither league has opted to comment on the situation. We’ve at least been able to confirm that talks are indeed happening, and that an announcement could come as early as this week. We’ve also learned that Redbird is the group that initially opened the discussions. Some have speculated that this decision came after the league lost over $60M in their inagural season.

With the news out in the open, this has opened the door for the rumor mill to run wild. Although nothing is official until it’s official, it sounds like there could be a new name for this new combined league. Additionally, it’s been reported that the league may both shed teams during the transition.

The news is still fresh in the air, but we now have an official statement from the United Football Players Assocation. The UFPA was integral in bringing a union to the world of spring football, which the USFL currently has in place as of Season 2.

Regardless os what happens with a potential merger, we are looking forward to the future growth of professional football and out ongoing relationship with the USFL, as we ensure that players havea  strong voice on the job.”

During the XFL’s inagural season the players voted against forming a union, which at the time surprised a lot of fans. When given the choice, USFL players unanimously voted for implementing a union.

Now that the XFL and USFL may potentially come together, it’ll be interesting to see how everything shakes out. At minimum, it looks as if the union folks are open to the merger and looking forward to working together.

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  1. The league should be called usfl because they have history with 5 champions already.add last year’s xfl champions that makes 6 champions.a merge works for all but must keep my team,the new jersey generals!!!!

  2. If this merger does go through, I hope the agreement that is in place remains for all players. This agreement has allowed the league’s players to feel they are making getting a little closer while also giving the league room to grow. It would seem the merged league will contract likely by 4 teams meaning some jobs would be lost and that would be a negative for the players. I am thinking that if they add two games, players would make an additional $11,000 which would make up for players in the union, plus it would give the league and the broadcast partners an opportunity for additional income. Just a thought, but I think a good one, that might help some of the former XFL players feel better about the union.

  3. As a rabid alternate football league fan I expected more fans in the stands and the TV ratings to be 10x better better than they were for both leagues. I was disappointed that there aren’t more of us fans out there, so the merger doesn’t surprise me and makes sense, though I am sorry to see that there will probably be a contraction in the number of teams.

  4. It’s obvious that one team that can be eliminated would be one of the two teams in Houston. The league is not established enough to have two teams in one market. I would eliminate the Roughnecks and keep the Gamblers. The Houston Gamblers had some success in the earlier version of the USFL. So, they should be included in future plans of the league.

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