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UFLPA Reveals Details on United Football League (UFL) Contract Structure

Today, the United Football League (UFL) is holding the Super Draft. This event will see all eight UFL teams finalize their rosters from the remaining pool of players coming from abandoned USFL or XFL teams.

While most eyes are focused on the Super Draft, the United States Football League Players Association (USFLPA) revealed details around the UFL contract structure.

In reality, these details were ironed out a while back during the leagues conversations and plans with the union.

The 2024 season sees the active salary move from $5,350/week to $5,500/week and camp salary is up $150 at $850/week. Inactive salary and housing stipend aren’t impacted, with no changes in either direction.

Additionally, the camp roster has been boosted from 58 to 75 for 2024 to account for the influx of players coming from the merger. Going into the season, the active roster moves from 40 to 42.

We also see a good bump in the bonus structure. Player of the week will bring home $1,000, ALL UFL Team secures $2,500, Player of the year recieves $5,000 and MVP gets $7,500.

Looking to the future, this year will see $250,000 being added to a UFL severance fund. The goal of the union was to bring sustainability to the players, and this is a huge step in the right direction.

As expected, as a member of the UFL you are not allowed to play for competitive leagues during the offseason. Presumably, this is in place to prevent players from jumping to the CFL after the UFL Championship.

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