UFL Reportedly in Talks for Houston Roughnecks Return to TDECU

UFL Reportedly in Talks for Houston Roughnecks Return to TDECU

The Houston Roughnecks just wrapped up their home schedule at Rice Stadium, and needless to say things did not go well as hoped. To date the team has only secured one win, and the change in venue has seen diminishing results in attendance. Beyond that, fans have been upset since kickoff that mid-field displays the Rice Owls logo over the UFL.

The Roughnecks moved to Rice Stadium this year due to renovations at TDECU Stadium taking place during the season. Since the team relocated many were curious if the Roughnecks would return to TDECU in 2025.

TDECU Stadium was home to the Houston Roughnecks for their undefeated season that was cut short due to COVID-19. After the XFL was purchased out of bankruptcy the team made a return in 2023. Merger or not, the team would have been forced to secure a new location for 2024.

We first reported the move to Rice Stadium last July, and at the time there was no indication on if the team would return.

A few days after our report the XFL put out an official statement on the situation:

The XFL is working with the University of Houston to determine the availability of TDECU Stadium for our games in 2024 as the building undergoes renovations. If we determine that the stadium is unavailable to accommodate our home dates, we will find a new home in the area for the coming season. The XFL loves Houston, and the Roughneck Nation loves the XFL. We aren’t going anywhere!”

Although the full TDECU renovations won’t be complete until August of 2025, it looks as if things could be in shape to host the Roughnecks next season.

Which stadium do think is a better fit for the Houston Roughnecks? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.

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  1. I am not a fan of the RoughNecks, but I love football 🏈 and hope they stay in the XFL I’m sure that there fans would support them and attendance will rise in the future! Some times it happens when teams lose, but true fans never quit loving their favorite team!

  2. Detroiter by birth, traveler throughTexas.

    More than half-century of regrets re
    always-inventing-new-ways-to-lose Lions [especially dislike current, suckered-by-analytics HC]….

    ….Love underachieving TiCats in Hamilton….and….

    Curse paid-right-off-the-top Rockhead and his ex:


  3. Rice University and Owls stadium are not a working class location as the Roughnecks are intended to represent. It would be a great location to host a garden party or an equestrian showcase, or even Rice football fans. But an actual football game, not so much. Of course the UFL hasn’t shown a lot of football yet and maybe they never do. But at least lay the foundation to give them a tilt in the right direction.

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