TSN 1050 Radio Updates Ten-Year Anniversary Tweet After Fan Backlash

TSN 1050 Radio Updates Ten-Year Anniversary Tweet After Backlash from Argos Fans

Earlier today TSN 1050 radio out of Toronto pushed out a ten-year anniversary tweet. The tweet caught the eye of many CFL fans, as the graphic displayed players from all the Toronto franchises, but instead of the Argonauts, the tweet featured Tom Brady. Rightfully so, this upset many. So much so, that TSN 1050 deleted the original tweet. See below courtesy of the Rod Petersen Show.

TSN 1050 Deleted Tenth-Anniversary Tweet

Once the tweet was deleted, TSN 1050 reworked the graphic and posted an updated version replacing Tom Brady, with Argos wide receiver Llevi Noel.

Clearly this pleased many CFL fans as it was looked at as being ignored by their own market. In a time when the CFL is looking at getting back on the field in 2021, they can use all the help they can get. There’s reports that the CFL will be officially postponing their upcoming season on April 19th. The league is still adamant that they will return this season, but the timeline still remains a mystery.

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