Three names rumored for the XFL STL coaching role

Three names rumored for the XFL STL coaching role

Since the St. Louis press conference announcing the Head Coach/GM came yesterday there has been a lot of rumors surrounding who it may be. Yesterday we wrote a piece about who it won’t be, since then some more information has surfaced that points to three names that may be taking the stage.

Jim Haslett

This is the longest standing rumor of the bunch. This one goes back a couple months when Ben Allbright had mentioned that he believed that Haslett would be joining the XFL. This was back when only Bob Stoops had been announced, plus Allbright has a pretty good track record when it comes to these kind of things.

When this came out, a lot of people speculated that if this was true, St. Louis would be his destination. Other than this, we haven’t heard much other news on this front. Haslet coaching experience includes head coaching roles for the Saints and the Rams with an over all record of 47-61.

Jonathan Hayes

Martin Kilcoyne, Sports Director for Fox 2 STL posted on Twitter that he has a strong indication that Jonathon Hayes would be the name announced tomorrow. Kilcoyne, was also the same person that helped rule out Bruce, Martz and Pinkel as possible candidates.

Hayes played for both the Chiefs and the Steelers and since 2003 he has served as Tight End coach for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Trey Brown

We saved the most obscure for last. During a live chat with local STL sports reporter Ben Fredrickson, he was asked who he thought would be filling the role. Fredrickson said one name that he keeps seeing come up is Trey Brown. This one gets a bit dicey, because it also looks as if Fredrickson is confused about how the XFL handles Head Coach/GM and President roles, that is unless STL is going to have a different structure than the rest of the teams. I find that highly unlikely, but Brown seems like a perfect fit as the General Manager.

Brown is definitely an up-and-comer, at only 34 years old he has already served as Director of College Scouting for the Philadelphia Eagles and most recently held the role of Executive VP for the Birmingham Iron.