It's Official — XFL Sale to New Ownership Group Finalized

Three Interesting Details From the Finalization of the XFL Sale

History was made as the sale of the XFL was finalized between Dany Garcia, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and RedBird Capital Partners. So far the reactions to the sale have been positive, with many online speculating if we’ll see a 2021 or 2022 return to play.

This is a day that a lot of XFL and football fans in general have been waiting for. We knew that the XFL had been purchased, but a lot wanted to know it was final before jumping back on board. There wasn’t a lot of expectations for the announcement, but as always the XFL and its new owners delivered something special of their own.

We wanted to look at three interesting details that we noticed from the announcement that the XFL sale had been finalized.

The Keys

Shortly after the deal was finalized Dany Garcia and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson took to Twitter to make it official. Each posted a message about the sale and an image showing a key with an XFL backdrop.

It didn’t take long for XFL fans to notice that each of the keys had slightly different details. As you may or may not know, Johnson and Garcia were previously married with one child, but still continue to be business partners.

If you look closely at the teeth of the key, you’ll notice very subtle differences. Dany’s is a females face whereas The Rock’s is a males silhouette. Moving to the head of the key, Garcia’s features a tree and Johnson’s showcases tribal artwork and the term “MANA”.

Each backdrop is catered to each of the new owners as well, displaying their names at the top with different coloring for each. To be honest, we expected a press release and an announcement, but the new team came out swinging hard with these great graphics with nice details associated with each.

1-Year Anniversary of the XFL Name/Logo Reveal

It’s doubtful that this was planned, but possibly a good omen of things to come. Shortly before the announcement that the deal had been finalized, new co-owner Dany Garcia Tweeted out an article from a year ago ranking the XFL team names and logos.

It’s amazing that its already been one year since the XFL revealed all eight of their teams identities for the first time. It’s even more amazing that when most expected the league may be gone for good, the news of it’s sale is announced on its anniversary. Hopefully this time next year we’re either talking about the 2021 season or the plans for the 2022 season. We’ll just need to see which comes first.

Dany Garcia Becomes the First Woman to Own a Sports League

We’ve already touched on this in the past, but now it’s actually official; Dany Garcia is the first woman to own their own sports league. We’ve see women own sports franchises, but never an entire sports league… until now. The previous iteration of the XFL was no stranger to diversity. They made headlines when it was revealed that all of their officiating crews would have at least one female. Not to mention that the XFL had a much more diverse group of coaches compared to the NFL.

Dwayne Johnson even joined in to congratulate his ex-wife and current business partner earlier this week on this huge achievement saying:

I have the pleasure to illuminate this huge milestone in sports history. My XFL partner, @danygarciaco becomes the first woman to own an entire professional sports league.
She was the architect in our strategic acquisition of the XFL and now we proudly and humbly go to work with our partners — all for the love of football.
Congrats Dany! ???? ? Let’s get to work.

The news that the XFL was changing hands was historic in its own right, but when you factor this in it’s even more exciting than before. The XFL is truly going to re-imagine football in many more ways than anyone initially expected.

It’s great to see that the XFL is returning and that they haven’t seemed to have lost their touch. All eyes are on the new leadership group to see where we go from here, specifically when we play… We’re personally excited about the new leaders and can’t wait to see what they do with the XFL and we look forward to covering it for many years to come.

What was your favorite thing about today’s announcement? Are you excited about the new XFL ownership group? Let us know down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.