Dany Garcia Tore Her Calf Muscle While Celebrating XFL Purchase

The XFL Will Be a League Full of Diversity and Expression

The XFL 2.0 prided itself in its efforts to create diversity and expression in their short season. From incorporating women referees, to showcasing the talent and unique backstories of their players, they wanted to create a culture of unified change. In the XFL 3.0, this will continue to be a big part of what the league does.

In a recent interview with VICE TV, both Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia discussed what they want the XFL to be in 2022. They ultimately want players to be diversified in their expression, but still unified together.

In a recent tweet, Garcia said “We’re creating a league of community. The @xfl2022 is about all of us.”

Dany Garcia and Dwayne Johnson both said that they would allow kneeling as a form of protest. The full transcript of the segment can be read below:

Dany Garcia: “One of the things that the XFL gets to do, because it’s representative of who we are, is be a league of culture. That’s right from the beginning a decision that we know has to carry through. It’s not a league where, its about the owners and athletes, you just hire them, but you know what, when they take their uniform off, they are not us. The XFL is all of us. So for us, patriotism is not indifference. Patriotism is fighting, representing, and celebrating, and calling out what’s wrong with the country you love. And so what we look for is, if a player wants to kneel, if a player wants to stand, let them do it in unity, but they get to be diversified in expression. And that’s really important to us.”

Dwayne Johnson: “We have the privilege of enjoying the freedoms that we have as Americans. And, as Dany said, if our players decide to stand, or kneel they do it in unity. For us as owners, it’s our job to identify what their pain is, and to take care of them. And then as owners, it’s our job then to create a pathway to take care of that, and take care of them. And because I’ve always maintained, and I mean this truly from the bottom of my heart and deep in my bones. You’d be surprised what happens when you go to people in pain and you say, ‘I got you, stand up with me, and let’s take care of this issue.’”

At the end of the day, it is no surprise to see the league focus on these issues, as both Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia have been activists for change for quite some time. With their minority background, they will continue to be voices for the unheard. The XFL is, after all, the first professional league owned by minorities, and a woman at the same time. We look forward to seeing what the new owners do with the league in the future, both concerning football and other matters.
Does the XFL’s perspective on these issues change how you view the league? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!

  1. I want my tickets back for my seats where awesome and I waited all night to get … are u guys giving me an option to get my seats back …. u refunded me but I choose next season option and I still got refunded due to bankruptcy… it would be nice to give the ones that put up money for the leauge to get there seats back

  2. Same here. I chose next season option also. We only got to experience 2 home games. Love the XFL.
    Vipers sec 148 Row A
    Fangs Up! Bite Down!

  3. It’s still treason to the country if you kneel before the anthem. I don’t give a rat’s behind what people think, it is a kick in the face to my nephew and all my family and friends who served this nation. They didn’t fight for you to kneel and be traitors. You stand for the national anthem and give it some freaking respect. They better not pull that kneeling for the anthem crap. Otherwise they can pack their crap and get the hell out of Dodge and stay the hell out of Dodge, and I mean the United States because we don’t want you or need you.

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