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The United Football League (UFL) Agrees to Terms with 20 Players

Last Monday the UFL wrapped up their dispersal draft process with the Super Draft. With the drafts out of the way, it opened up the door for free agency. The XFL and USFL merger saw 8 teams disbanded as the two leagues came together, so even after the Super Draft there’s a lot of good talent available.

This past Friday the UFL put out a release announcing their initial 42 free agency signings, and last night they blew that list out of the water. The UFL PR department has released a list of 61 players that have signed on for the 2024 season.

But, that wasn’t all. The league just put out another release announcing they have come to terms with 20 more players.

The league is currently working towards getting the ink dry for all the new signees before training camp. At the same time fans are anxiously waiting for the 2024 season schedule.

One thing that the UFL has been knocking out of the park is promos. Potential UFL fans have been greeted to commercials during all off the FOX, ABC and ESPN NFL playoff broadcasts.

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