The Spring League Reveals Rosters For North Division Franchises

The Spring League Week Six North Division Transactions

We’ve made it folks, it’s the sixth and final week on The Spring League season. The action kicks off tonight at 7pm ET on FS1 with the Alphas taking on the Linemen. Followed by the Aviators and the Conquerors in a late North Division finale.

With the matchups around the corner, the league has now released the transactions for the North Division franchises.


With a strong win against the Linemen and a Conquerors loss, the team has a chance to make the Mega Bowl. Everything comes down to this last week for teams, and we can expect to see some good action on the field as a result.

Joining the team we have offensive linemen Emanuel McGirt Jr. and wide receiver Zachary Parker.

Exiting is offensive linemen David Brown, who is headed up north to the CFL’s. Montreal Alouettes. Also leaving the team is defensive back Mandell Ray.


It’s been a tough season for the Aviators this year. Going into the last week, the team is still looking for their first win. It looked as if they were going to move to the win column last week, but the Linemen secured the game on a last second field goal. You can expect that the team is going to go out of their way to be a spoiler tonight, in hopes of not going winless.

Jumping on board we see offensive linemen Chris Bales. The rest of the transactions are due to injury, which include offensive linemen Jeremy Hickey, punter Clark Riedel and quarterback Seth Suida.


Although the Alphas are still in the mix, it feels that the North is gonna be between the Conquerors and the Linemen. With one week left and some points to make up, the team will be going all out to make an appearance at the Mega Bowl. Looking at their transactions, it seems the team feels pretty solid with their squad.

Joining the Conq’s is defensive back Josh Butler, and leaving the team is defensive tackle Tymier Oliver.


As of this writing, the Linemen lead the North Division and only one game stand in their way of making the Mega Bowl. Similar to the Conquerors, the Linemen only have a few movements this week.

The Linemen will be bringing on wide receiver Mike Moss and wide receiver Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi.

Exiting the team is offensive linemen Cole Boozer, who will be joining the Alphas David Brown on the Montreal Alouettes.


It all comes down to week six, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Who do you think will make the Mega Bowl for The Spring League’s North Division? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.