The Spring League Reveals Logo of New Yet-To-Be Named 2021 Team

The Spring League Reveals Logo of New Yet-To-Be-Named 2021 Team

A lot of XFL fans will remember the The Spring league in the XFL’s lead up to their 2020 season. In 2021 the XFL used The Spring League to handle their first round of scouting in Austin, TX. There were even talk of The Spring League becoming the official development league of the XFL.

Then COVID-19 came and ruined everything. The XFL was forced to suspend their season just 5-games in, and ultimately filed for bankruptcy. Luckily the XFL was purchased in August, so it seems they will live to see another day. The Spring League was also forced to make adjustments to their season, and ultimately played in a bubble in fall of 2020.

The Spring League is once again gearing up for gameplay and they have been teasing the internet with new announcements. Just now, TSL tweeted the logo of one up their upcoming new franchises.

The league is debuting two new teams this season, so we have one more logo to go and two names still to be announced. The Spring League does own the intellectual property of all of the USFL franchises. Could we see the return of another former team like we did with The Generals? Some have even gone as far as saying this could possibly be a replacement for the old Michigan Panthers logo.

Others have pointed out, that this the logo of the A-11’s Bay Area Sea Lions.

It’s really hard to say, but it seems we’ll know sooner rather than later. The Spring league just wrapped up the first of its combines in Houston last weekend. Next up, interestingly enough, is in Detroit on April 12th.

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