The Ratings are in for The Spring League's FOX Debut

The Spring League Ratings Rise For Second Week on FOX

Last week we looked at the ratings for The Spring League’s debut on FOX, which pulled in 380,000 viewers. Considering that there was little to no advertisement, we’d say that’s pretty impressive.

As always, one week is never a proper sample size. Many had wondered if the numbers would go up, down or stay steady for the league as the season continued.

This weeks FOX telecast featured the Alphas taking on the Conquerors at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. So, what was the result? The opening game of week two was up, pulling in 448,000 viewers. Again, it’s important to remember that there has been no advertisements for the league, and the numbers are rising.

Last week when we wrote about the ratings, we expected to see the number slightly rise as the season went on and more learned about the league. It seems as if our prediction is coming true. The Spring League has a short 6-week season with a Championship at the end that’s set to air on FOX. If all goes well, we could see steady viewership above 500,000 viewers per week by the end of the season.

This is definitely promising for The Spring League, and you can expect that FOX is pleased as well. We’ll keep you updated as more information on The Spring League’s 2021 season comes out.

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