The Ratings are in for The Spring League's FOX Debut

The Spring League on FOX Mega Bowl Viewership

Last weekend The Spring League capped of its 2021 season with its newly named Mega Bowl championship game. The event saw the top two teams in the league head to Rice Stadium to battle it out for the #1 spot.

This is the first season that The Spring League that every game was televised. Additionally, beyond FS1 and FS1 the league had a weekly showcase on FOX, marking the first time they’ve aired on broadcast television.

Throughout the season, we saw pretty steady viewership; averaging over 400,000 viewers each week. Now that the Mega Bowl wrapped up, many have wondered what the impact would be in the ratings.

The matchup between the Linemen and Jousters, pulled in a cool 418,000 viewers; which topped their weekly average on FOX. The game turned out to be spectacular, with the Linemen coming back to gain their first lead of the game in the final minute. When it was all said and done, the Linemen took home the trophy and wrapped up the season with a 6-1 record.

With The Spring League season now in the books, all eyes are on 2022 and the return of the USFL. The new league is headed up by TSL owner Brian Woods, with FOX having a minority stake in the company. As of now details are slim, but we know that the league is targeting a minimum of eight teams and will air on FOX.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed, we expect to see a lot of names from The Spring League make the jump to the USFL next season, with TSL reverting back to a camp. With big name coaches and quality players, things are looking goof for the United States Football League next year.

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