The Rock & Dany Garcia Meet with Senators to Discuss XFL and Military Recruitment

The Rock & Dany Garcia Meet with Senators to Discuss XFL and Military Recruitment

While everyone is patiently waiting for the outcomes of the merger between the USFL and XFL it looks as if we have some unexpected news.

XFL co-owners Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Dany Garcia (XFL Chairwoman) were spotted meeting at the Capitol with Senators. Frank Thorp (NBC News) reports that the pair we’re at the capital to discuss how the XFL could assist in military recruitment.

Clearly, this is not the news everyone has been looking for. It is interesting to see the XFL co-owners out and about conducting business. Ever since the merger was announced in a joint statement, both have made it clear that until a deal is final things are business as usual.

There is a good number of fans that believe if the XFL merges with the USFL we could see Dany Garcia and The Rock exit the league. This seems to indicate that the duo is still very much interested in boosting the XFL.

The USFLPA kicked off their CBA discussions this week as well. This could be a reason that the two parties are not in the same room to get the details finalized.

This is a promising sign for XFL fans that worry that the league may not play in 2024 without a deal. The US military has been known to partner with the NFL, these talks could lead to something similar in spring football.

While many had reported that the USFL and XFL deal would be announced by now, fans may have to wait a bit longer before any news is made official. With the CBA talks and Thanksgiving next week, it could be December before we hear anything.

When do you think we’ll hear merger news? Do you think The Rock and Dany Garcia were also at the capital to discuss the merger? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.

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    1. You mean the fact that Frank Thorp is a long-time known NBC News journalist who works on capitol hill and was standing there recording the conversation and reporting on it live, you think their lying come on man what gain would some NBC journalists have about the XFL, especially when NBC shows USFL games?

      There is also numerous reports from all different news agencies that were present that said the senator requested it because there is some partnership the military recruitment office wants to have recruiters at games, funny enough if you google it you can see a history of different NFL, MLB etc owners and staff doing the same thing.

  1. Well other than the XFL specific news agencies – NADA on news search for XFL. They may be there talking military recruiting – its tanked since 2020 – but that doesn’t mean talking “XFL” other than in passing (pun intended), getting the Rock there is PR.

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