The Rock and Queen Elizabeth Go Viral During NFL Kickoff

The Rock and Queen Elizabeth Go Viral During NFL Kickoff

Houston and Kansas City kicked off the 2020 NFL season last night with limited fans in attendance. The NFL is back and they needed to fill some seats with placeholders until fans can return. Whoever put up the cardboard cutouts in the stands seems to have had a little bit of fun with the placement.

The Rock was seen next to Queen Elizabeth and it appeared that The Great One was getting a bit close to Her Royal Highness. They called this out on commentary and mentioned how friendly they were getting.

Some fans wondered why The Rock and Queen Elizabeth were seated next to each other. WWE The Bump’s Dan Vollmayer tweeted out a video from the game with a caption that summed things up perfectly: β€œWhy ask why? This is tremendous.”

It is also worth noting that they mentioned how Dwayne Johnson has recently got into the football business himself. Going even as far as name dropping the XFL on commentary.

After the game concluded, The Rock took to Twitter to comment on the viral sensation.

Johnson has big plans for the XFL in 2021, but first, he has to finish hanging out with The Queen.