The Ratings are in for The Spring League's FOX Debut

The Ratings Are In For The Spring League’s FOX Debut

Last week The Spring League returned to action, and this year every game is set to be aired on FOX, FS1 and FS2. The first three games of week one were televised on FS1, but Saturday TSL had their first game televised on broadcast television. With a whole new audience at its finger tips, we wanted to see the ratings impact FOX could bring to the table.

The first three games were unable to rank in the top 150 viewed shows, but keep in mind that one of the games was bumped to FS2 for the first half. Additionally, there wasn’t a lot of promotion to be fair. But, add in the FOX factor and we have some numbers to look at.

Showbuzz Daily reports Saturday’s broadcast of the Generals taking on the Jousters drew 380,000 viewers, pulling a .24 rating.

The Spring League FOX Ratings

At initial glance, this may not seem like a lot. Especially when you compare it to the numbers that the XFL was pulling in. But, The Spring League is something different all together.

The real thing to look at here is that these are the best numbers that The Spring League has pulled in history. We’re also only one week in. As more fans learn of The Spring League, we expect to see these numbers at minimum stay steady throughout the season and peak for the Championship.

We’ll keep you posted each week on The Spring League’s 2021 viewership.

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