The Quinten Dormady XFL Saga: Orlando Guardians

The Quinten Dormady XFL Saga: What We Know So Far

The XFL now has another dramatic development. QB Quinten Dormady of the Orlando Guardians was reportedly released from the team this week, due to unique circumstances.

This isn’t your normal player release. Per multiple reports, Dormady was let go by the Guardians because he leaked plays and/or Orlando’s playbook to member(s) of the San Antonio Brahmas.

To make a long story short, it’s been a mess in Orlando so far this XFL season. The team is 0-2, playing poorly on both sides of the football. Head Coach Terrell Buckley has not been able to get his group in a rhythm, and it largely seems due to a lack of camaraderie.

This situation is a bit insane, especially considering the circumstances. Quinten Dormady was told that he would not be suiting up for action in week two, and understandably was upset about it. To get back at the team, he apparently leaked plays to San Antonio ahead of their matchup on Sunday.

This information got back to the team. An investigation was launched, and Dormady was quickly released. However, there is certainly more to this story. The XFL is now investigating the situation themselves, and Dormady has been reinstated to the league.

As more makes itself known, we will be sure to report on it. Hopefully, the XFL and Quinten Dormady can settle this scenario sooner than later. The last thing the XFL needs right now is more unnecessary drama.

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