The Linemen Secure Mega Bowl Appearance After Taking Out The Alphas

The Linemen Secure Mega Bowl Appearance After Taking Out The Alphas

Only one week remains until the 2021 Mega Bowl, and there’s a lot on the line. Kicking off the action this week is the Alphas battling the Linemen, both of which are very much in contention.

The Linemen currently lead the North Division and with a win tonight they will secure a spot in this years Mega Bowl. Alternatively, if the Alphas take out the Linemen and the Aviators play spoiler against the Conquerors, then it comes down to points.

Originally the South Division was set to play tonight, but due to a scheduling change at Lucas Oil Stadium the games were forced to swap days. Tonight’s North Division games are set to be housed out of Bud and Jackie Sellick Stadium, home of the Butler Bulldogs. 

1st Quarter

Hal Mumme’s Linemen would take possession first, with Ryan Willis looking to add to his league leading records. Ben Putman continued to be a favorite for Willis to target; moving the chains for the team. Not to be outshined, Tra Minter took the ball and rushed it for some massive gains putting them in Alphas territory.

The offense was looking pretty on their first drive, and you could tell they knew it. Ryan Willis took a risk, targeting Issac Zico long and it paid off. Zico secured the pass in the end-zone, giving them an early 6-0 lead. Unfortunately, Jonathan Song went wide on the extra-point attempt, but this was a great start for the Linemen.

It was now Brian Lewerke’s turns to take the ball, giving the Alphas the first chance on offense. The team looked determined, and came out swinging.

Presented with 3rd & 1, Blake Morgan was able to grab the yards, plus some. The offense came to blows with the Linemen defense and ended up back 15. Again, Morgan came out strong for his team, giving them another first down adn bringing them into the red-zone.

Again, the Linemen defense pushed them back a bit, but they fought back. to get to 2nd & 17. The Linemen came out with a huge sack, pushing them back again. Blake Morgan did his best to drive it the full 20-yards, but he did gain a lot of it back. This was huge for the team, putting them well within field goal reach.

Nathan Hierlihy came out for the Alphas and knocked in the 32-yard field goal, bringing the game to 6-3.

After a huge mistake by the Alphas on the kickoff the Linemen would take the ball at mid-field. Considering Ryan Willis leads the league in passing yards and he ended his last play with a huge touchdown; this was not good news for the Alphas.

Willis again came out looking solid. After a missed play, he connected with Reece Horn to bring them to the 33.

Willis again took a risk on the next play, and he came close to finding the end-zone again. Unfortunately, Michael Dereus could not pull it in, but they were still in good position.

The team were looking to go all out tonight, opting to attempt to convert on 4th down. Taevon Brown could not get the reception, giving it back to the Alphas with 1:23 left in the first.

Lewerke was looking great on this drive, and moved the ball well. Tevon Wright secured a first down from Lewerke, putting them at mid-field.

2nd Quarter

The Alphas would start the 2nd quarter by challenging a play, in hopes to get them another first down. This worked in Coach Voss’ favor, after further review the call was reversed and they won the challenge.

The team wasn’t sure of the next play after a strong showing from the defense, forcing them to take their second time out. It paid dividends, with Lewerke finding Wright once gain to give them the 1st down.

The luck slowed down, Blake Morgan did his best, but once again gave them great field goal position.

Tra Minter looked great on the kickoff, running it long and bringing them to mid-field once again. Just when it looked as if the Linemen would retake the lead, Ryan Willis threw an interception. The interception turned to a pick-six when Cornelius Sturghill was able to run it back 78-yards for the TD.

The Linemen took the field again, and they did not want to go in the half trailing. The offense was struggling to start, but there was light at the end of the tunnel. Ben Putmen once again pulled off a huge reception giving them a 1st down ad mid-field.

Willis was looking in much better condition now. The ball was moving much better, but when it looked like they could grab a 1st & Goal the Alphas defense stopped them forcing them to attempt a field goal. After securing the win for the team last week, Son misses his second kick; keeping the game 13-6.

Brady White now came in for the Alphas, hoping to keep them on top. They were able to get close to the 50, but at the end of the drive they were forced to punt it away.

Willis was looking good, but when all looked good Cornelius Sturghill grabbed another interception for the Alphas.

With the Alphas back on the field, Blake Morgan ran the ball well, brining them to the 20. Ka’Ronche Higgins secured the pass from Brady White on the next play to bring them to 1st & Goal. On the next play, Brady White found Blake Morgan once again, this time finding the end-zone.

The extra-point was blocked, but they now lead the Linemen 19-6 with little time left in the half.

Ryan Willis and the Linemen did their best to get into scoring position, but could not make it happen before time ran out in the half. The Alphas were doing a great job at keeping their Mega Bowl chances alive, but there was plenty of time left for the Linemen to catchup.

3rd Quarter

The Alphas would have a chance to add to their 13 point advantage, taking possession to start the half. Brian Lewerke would start out at quarterback for the team, looking to keep their momentum going.

Lewerke wasn’t able to get much going on the offense. He put in an effort to run it in himself, but was just short of a 1st down. Ultimately, the Alphas punted the ball away, giving the Linemen their first drive of the second half.

Ryan Willis knew that they needed to strike to keep their Mega Bowl chances alive. The offense came out like no other, moving the ball and getting them into scoring position.

Willis once again founce Issac Zico in the end-zone for another touchdown, scoring in the first 43 seconds of the second half.

Tavon Wright again came out again for the Alphas pulling in a long pass for a 1st down just past mid-field. This brought Wright to 72 receiving yards on the night so far. Lewerke tired to keep this momentum going, but could not make it happen. The Linemen now had the ball, down six with a lot of time left in the matchup.

Ryan Willis came out with a vengeance. Even when being pushed back, he found a way to move forward. Well outside of field goal position, Willis found his target to move the chains and get them in scoring position.

DJ Davis now took time out to showcase his skills, rushing the ball bringing the Linemen to 1st & Goal. It wasn’t long until Willis found his target. On the next play he connected with Delfonte Diamond to even up the game. Jonathan Song did not upset, securing the extra-point giving them a slim lead late in the third.

4th Quarter

To begin the fourth, Lewerke would come back out for the Alphas looking to retake the lead. On 2nd down the Linemen defense once again showed their power, pushing Lewerke back to 3rd & 16. The next play also did not fare well for the Alphas, taking a sack. At 4th down & Long, the team punted the ball away.

Ryan Willis now had the ball and potentially the game winning drive. DJ DAvis did not disappoint for the team, running the ball well on the first play bringing them to their own 48.

Ben Putmen, not wanting to feel left out, pulled in a great pass on the next drive, moving the chains once again. Willis ended the drive strong with another touchdown, extending their lead to eight.

The Alphas were still well within reach, and they wanted to capitalize. Blake Morgan, knowing everything was on the line, ran for 55-yards giving them a huge 1st down. Lewerke tried to hit the end-zone, but the team was charged with offensive pass interference pushing them back 10.

Time was running out faster than Coach Voss and the Alphas wanted, but the team was forced to settle for three. This time. Nathan Hierlihy kicked it for 48-yards, bringing them within five.

There wasn’t much time left, and the Linemen had the ball. Coach Mumme wanted his team to run as much time off the clock as possible, but was hoping to add to their lead. There was a lot on the line here. This drive had the potential to cement the Linemen a spot in the Mega Bowl.

Coach Mumme got his wishes, the team kept moving the chains and drawing out the clock. The Linemen couldn’t secure another touchdown, but brought the clock down to 19 seconds before calling a time out. With a 4th down in front of them, Coach Mumme decided to go for it. Ultimately they could’t convert giving the Alphas a slim chance.

Lewerke gave it his best shot, but with little time remaining he couldn’t make it happen for the Alphas. The Linemen now officially have a spot in the 2021 Mega Bowl. The Conquerors and Aviators are still left to meetup, but it seems only dignity will be on the line.

What did you think of the first game of week six for The Spring League? Which teams do you think we’ll see join the Linemen in next weeks Mega Bowl? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.