The Linemen Secure First TSL Win — Defeat Aviators 17-3

The Linemen Secure First TSL Win — Defeat Aviators 17-3

Earlier the Alphas took out the Conquerors to remain the become the remaining undefeated team in The Spring League’s North Division. For the second game of the day, we have two teams looking to secure their first win of the season with the Aviators taking on the Linemen.

Tonights matchup is the first to take place on FS2 this season, with the last two games of the week taking place Monday on FS1. We look forward to seeing the defense excel from both sides, but the real question is who will be able to put on an offensive showcase.

1st Quarter

The first quarter started out slow for both teams. After efforts from each, none were either to get into a position to score. With two teams looking to secure their first win, we expect to see the coaches making many adjustments throughout the game. Both teams traded the rock back to each other without getting into a position to put points on the score board. After the first quarter both teams were exactly where they were when they started at 0-0.

2nd Quarter

The Linemen started the second quarter with the ball, but as with the first quarter they were forced to punt it away fairly quickly. With Keller Chryst back in for the Aviators he was looking to get some points for his team. On a long pass near the end-zone, the Linemen’s Trey Dickerson grabbed the interception giving them position once again, The Linemen are living up to their namesake today with their defense.

Ryan Willis now had the opportunity to become the first to get some points for his team. There was some promise on the drive, but the defense still came out on top. As we expected, defense was going to be the name of today’s game.

If you were expecting something different out of this drive, we have bad news for you. The Aviators once again were forced to punt after a quick 3 and out due to the Linemen’s defense.

5:08 remaining in the half and the game remains scoreless, the Linemen were hoping to change that. Ryan Willis retured and this time determined to get hit team out of offensive hole they’ve been in all game so far. After moving the ball a bit, Willis connected with Reece Horn on 3rd & 5 to bring them near the 20 and into scoring position for the first time in the matchup.

Feeling the end-zone, Willis finally put the Linemen on the boards with a connection to receiver Ben Putman. With a successful extra-point attempt, the Linemen now hold a 7-0 lead with time running out in the half.

The Aviators had one last chance to get some points in the half, but could not make it happen. The Aviators had a good chance, but fumbled the ball giving it to Elijah Qualls of the Linemen. With possession of the ball, two timeouts and 14 seconds left, the Linemen tried to add to their newly obtained lead.

Willis called the timeout for the Linemen with 4 seconds remaining so they could attempt a field goal. Jonathan Song was up against a 57-yard challenge, although he came close the ball bounced off of the bottom bar closing out the half.

The first half started out slower than both coaches were hoping, but the Linemen were able to get some points giving them a slim lead going into the second.

3rd Quarter

Starting out the second half the Aviators will be kicking off to the Linemen, giving them a chance to build of their first half momentum. Ryan Willis returns at QB, with the hopes of getting some more offensive action on the field.

Testing different styles, Mumme decided to test their ground game. Resulting in DJ Davis rushing it all the way to the Aviators 17-yard line. Elliot Taylor was next to showcase his running skills, bringing them to 1st and goal at the 3-yard line.

Ending the drive, Tra Minter ran it in to give the Linemen their second score of the game. With another successful extra-point, they now had a 14-0 lead over the Aviators with plenty of time left in the game.

The Aviators did not want to fall too far behind. With Suida now at quarterback, he was looking to make a change for the team.  Erick Brundidge did his part, getting a reception and bringing the ball into the red-zone putting the Linemen in the best scoring position of the game. Things did not end well, Suida aiming for the end-zone ended up connecting with Reggie Cole of the Linemen giving them possession once again with a two score lead.

The Aviators defense wanted to come out strong, but they came out a little too strong. After a face mask penalty, the Linemen gained an extra 15-yards for free. Even with the extra yardage, they couldn’t get much more action going. They punted it back to the Aviators with 4:01 left in the 3rd.

Leroy Wilson was able to bring the most production on the play, but it was far too late. After his drive, they were still stuck at 3rd & 12. Then, the Aviators went offsides, pushing back five more. With their backs against the wall, they couldn’t convert and were forced to give the football back to the Linemen with a two score lead.

4th Quarter

The Linemen will start the 4th by receiving a punt from the Aviators after their latest failed drive. Willis, looking to build on their lead could not make it happen. The drive ended with another interception for the game, giving the Aviators a chance to get back into the game. With the last play, the Aviators will now start at the Linemen’s 20-yard line putting them in great scoring position.

The play was challenged, but after the officials reviews the tape the call stood. The Linemen defense knew there was plenty of time for the Aviators to catchup, and wanted to hold their opponents score to a minimum. Chrydt tried to convert a 3rd and short, but could not make it happen putting his team in a precarious 4th down position. Coach Terry Shea opted to call a time out, ultimately deciding to go for it on 4th down with time running out.

Chrsyt handed it off to Leroy Wilson who was able to continue the drive, bringing them to first and goal at the 9. After three more attempts, they could find the end-zone. Wanting to get some points, they opted for the field goal. Leader was able to secure the 27-yard field goal, giving them three.

The Linemen didn’t want to take that score sitting down. Tra Minter retuned the ball with a huge run, brining them all the way to the Aviators 41. Ryan Wilson, now in a great spot due to Minter’s return looked to build upon their lead. Beyond scoring, another goal was to burn some time off of the clock.

Although they couldn’t find the end-zone, Jonathan Song added to their lead with a 35-yard field goal, putting them up 17-3 with a little over 5 minutes left in the game.

The Aviators knew that if they couldn’t score now the game was essentially over. Chryst took a good hit and was looking for a flag. Looking a little hurt, walking with a limp, he stayed in the game. On the next play he passed it away for an interception by JJ Dallas, giving the Linemen the ball with less than 4 minutes to go.

Elliot Taylor kept the Linemen’s drive going with a huge run, giving them the first down and bringing them closer to mid-field. The team continued on, but with a 4th & 1 in their path they called a time out. Coach Mumme decided to go for it to try and secure the in by running out the clock. The call ended up being correct, with Minter rushing the ball for the first down and more.

This was enough to get the Linemen their first win for the season and the Aviators will look to week three to get their first.

When both teams are looking for their first win, it’s clear that only one can come out on top. Today, that was the Linemen, meaning the Aviators will look to week 3 to get one in the win column. When you have a short season like The Spring League, two losses may be enough to put a championship run out of reach.

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