The field of participants for the 2024 season of the European League of Football is set

The field of participants for the 2024 season of the European League of Football is set

The 2023 season of the European League of Football ended with a win of Rhein Fire against Stuttgart Surge in the Championship Game in front of 31,500 spectators in Duisburg. A few days later, the focus shifted towards the upcoming season of the “Champions League” of European football: The Madrid Bravos presented their name and logo in the Spanish capital. The 2024 ELF field of 17 teams from nine nations has thus been finalized.

All franchises are set

League officials have agreed not to include any more franchises for the 2024 season. Berlin Thunder, Cologne Centurions, Frankfurt Galaxy, Hamburg Sea Devils, Munich Ravens, Rhein Fire, Stuttgart Surge (all Germany), Barcelona Dragons, Madrid Bravos (both Spain), Fehérvár Enthroners (Hungary), Helvetic Guards (Switzerland), Milano Seamen (Italy), Wrocław Panthers (Poland), Paris Musketeers (France), Prague Lions (Czech Republic), Raiders Tirol and Vienna Vikings (both Austria) will compete for the Championship Game on September 22, 2024, at the VELTINS Arena in Gelsenkirchen.

Improving standards

“We are very proud to have Madrid, another world metropolis, as a location in the European League of Football. The ownership group has been working hard behind the scenes over the past few months and is going in with high ambitions. The expansion for the upcoming season is now complete,” says ELF Commissioner Patrick Esume, explaining, “Before the league is further increased for the 2025 season, we will use the coming year to further educate and train our referees and improve standards in all relevant areas of the ELF.”

Expanding home ground territories

This includes the further expansion and optimization of the digital offering on the European League of Football’s own channels, as well as global distribution. In addition, work is currently underway to expand home ground territories for the non-German franchises. “With this, we want to promote the competitive balance within the league,” Esume said.

It is certain that the Leipzig Kings will not participate in the 2024 season either, following their withdrawal in July 2023. ELF-CEO Zeljko Karajica is in talks about a comeback for the team but has agreed with potential franchisees that the license would not be granted again until 2025. “Nothing has changed in the fact that we are fully convinced of Leipzig as a location and believe in the football potential in the region,” he said. After the experiences in the past season, however, we will not be hurried. It is crucial that the Kings have a medium- and long-term perspective in the ELF, both economically and athletically,” emphasized Karajica.