The Conquerors Conquer the Alphas 24-10 in Week 5 Kickoff

The Conquerors Conquer the Alphas 24-10 in Week 5 Kickoff

Earlier today, it was announced that the USFL would be returning in 2022 on FOX, led by TSL CEO Brian Woods and FOX. Although this news is front of mind, we still have two weeks left of The Spring League before we see the Championship game.

The Alphas took out the Conquerors in their first meetup, but since then the Conq’s have become a heck of a team. The Conquerors are coming off a tough week four loss, putting them at 2-2, whereas the Alphas came out on top last week at 3-1.

The Conquerors came close last week against the Linemen, which turned out to be the first overtime matchup for the league.

Week five sees the North Division kicking things off with a Friday and Saturday matchup. Tonights game is set to be a good one for the fans, but that may depend on who is your team of choice.

1st Quarter

Brandon Silvers and the Conquerors will start the game with possession, putting the Alphas on defense. The Conq’s came out strong, continuously moving the chains. But, ultimately it wasn’t enough to get into scoring position. Forced with a 4th down, they punted it away giving the Alphas their first chance with the ball.

The Alphas put Brian Lewerke in to begin their first drive, hoping to get an early lead. The team could not do much with the ball, going 3 and out punting the ball back in another slow TSL start this season.

The Conquerors came out strong on their next drive, moving the ball in convincing fashion. Silvers was able to keep the chains moving, getting the Conq’s well within scoring position. After bringing the team to the goal-line, Silvers handed it off to Jordan Silima to grab the first touchdown of the night.

Lewerke came back out, wanting to even the game for the Alphas. The first few plays didn’t look great, but Blake Morgan came out strong and picked up 13-yards to keep the drive alive.

2nd Quarter

The luck ended there for the Alphas, missing their next three chances to get a first down, but were once again forced to punt away.

Silvers was able to bring the ball to 2nd & short, but after two more unsuccessful attempts they opted to kick it away with only one yard to move the chains. The Alphas will take the ball with 5:19 left in the half, and a chance to even the game.

Brady White comes in for the Alphas for the first time tonight, looking for a chance to showcase his skills on the field. Presented with 3rd & 3, White connected with Chris Clark who was able to grab some massive yardage. The Alphas were now in the best field position of the night, and wanted to get on the boards.

Although White seemed to give a refreshing outlook for the team, at the two-minute warning the team was stuck at 4th down near mid-field. Knowing that if they went for the field goal they’d give the Conquerors great field position, they opted to kick it away.

The Conquerors definitely wanted to add to their lead going into the half. Silvers was looking as good as ever, moving the ball both by land and air. Silvers spotted Tavonn Salter deep in the red-zone, for a long reception and ultimately another six. The extra-point puts them up two scores with 41 seconds left in the half.

Ending the quarter we see Brian Lewerke coming back in for the Alphas, assumably due to his experience. There wasn’t much time left on the clock, so there was only some much that could be done. The Alphas would end the half scoreless, but with only a two score game, there was plenty of time to rebound.

It looks like the Alphas may have fumbled the ball, giving the Conquerors possession, but after further review the officials reversed the call. Although the Alphas kept possession, they had to punt the ball away deep in their own zone.

This led to more bad news for the Alphas when the punt was blocked. Basil Jackson grabbed the ball, giving the Conquerors their third touchdown of the night.

At the half, things were not looking good for the Alphas. The Conquerors on the other hand, looked in great position to rebound from their overtime loss last week.

3rd Quarter

The Alphas will start out the second half down three scores and possession of the ball. The offense was looking much more fluid this time around. Lewerke was back in at QB for the team and was moving the ball in the air and on the ground. Now, within the 30 for the first time of the game, the team moved the chains and kept their drive going.


The Conqueror had the ball again, but not for long. The team fumbled the ball, giving the Alphas another chance to add to their score and bring the game closer. Although they were able to get the ball again, they could not chisel down the Conquerors lead.

Conq’s defense came out strong for their team, giving them the ball again. Kevin Anderson will now come in for the franchise, hoping to extend the lead. Although they came close on 3rd & 6, they couldn’t convert giving the Alphas the ball again with 3:53 left in the 3rd.

Lewerke and the Alphas came out in convincing fashion. Moving the ball and the chains on multiple instances. Ending the 3rd, the Alphas were in the red-zone and looking to get their first touchdown of the night.

4th Quarter

Now in the best scoring position they’ve been in the entire game, the Alphas wanted to get a touchdown and not settle for another field goal. Brady White was in for the team, but could not get into the end-zone. Nathan Hierlihy came back out for the team, but in rare fashion went wide on the 29-yard attempt.

With Kevin Anderson back in for the Conq’s they were in a good spot to pull out this game. The goal on this drive was to run down the clock and possibly add to their lead. Anderson could get into the end-zone, but he did take a lot of time away from the Alphas. Michal Carrizosa made another impact for the Conquerors in his debut game knocking in a 46-yard field goal putting them up 24-3.

With White back in for the Alphas, he was out for the kills. He moved the ball, and brought his team in scoring position again. This time he ended the drive by tossing to Ko’ronche Higgins for their first touchdown of the game.

With 3:42 left, the Alphas attempted an onside kick knowing that there wasn’t much time left. The kick from Hierlihy was very good, but not good enough with the Conquerors taking possession.

The Conquerors had a good lead, but they wanted more to help their standings in the North Division. The team did a great job drawing down the remaining time and moving them closer to extending their lead. They were almost doing too good at running down the clock, calling a timeout so they could regroup.

They couldn’t grab another touchdown, but Carrizosa came out with another field goal for the team, giving them a 27-10 lead with little time to go.

The Conquerors would ultimately take the win and go 3-2 on the season, and putting the Alphas at the same as well. With only one week left for the North Division, it seems like it’s going to be a showdown between the Linemen and the Conquerors. The Linemen take the field tomorrow, so that game could be the deciding factor.

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