The AAF almost missed payroll, saved by NHL owner

The AAF almost missed payroll, saved by NHL owner

David Glenn of is reporting that Carolina Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon invested $250 million into the Alliance of American Football (AAF) last week in order to save the upstart operation from imploding after only one week. This comes on the heels of yesterdays report that the AAF is not making any money of their current TV deals.

After the debut, it was all good news coming out of the AAF camp, with them slightly edging out the NBA in the ratings. Little did we know that Ebersol and Co were struggling to keep the lights on. Thanks to Dundun, hopefully they will be able to make it to the end of the first season without any issues with payroll. Honestly, I hope they do.

An agent who represents multiple AAF players alerted PFT on Friday that some paychecks weren’t received. An administrative glitch was the reason given for the issues, which technically could be true (in more way than one).

It looks like due to the injection of cash, Dundon will be introduced as the league’s new chairman. What will this mean for Charlie Ebersol and Bill Polian? It also sounds like because of the heroics of Mr. Dundon, that  Raleigh could eventually have an AAF team, either through relocation of an existing team or expansion.

If you enjoy the AAF, make sure you send your thank you letters and tweets to Tom Dundon to show your appreciation. Without him, it sounds like it very well could have been lights out after two weeks on the field.