Terry Shea Named Second MLFB Head Coach

Terry Shea Named Second MLFB Head Coach

Major League Football (MLFB) has been in the works for a long time now, but last week they finally announced their first head coach. Prior to updating their corporate website, MLFB revealed that Jerry Glanville would be jumping on board.

On the team front, with the new website we also learned that MLFB will be launching with four teams instead of six in 2022.

  • Attack
  • Force
  • Independence
  • Armada

Kicking off this week, MLFB updated their website where they revealed that the second head coach would be announced on Tuesday (today). As expected, just now the new league has dropped a press release naming Terry Shea as the second head coach in MLFB.

Shea most recently served as head coach of the Aviators in The Spring League. Now, he starts a new journey in MLFB. Which team, we don’t know just yet; but we expect we’ll learn soon.

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You can read the full press release from MLFB Below:

Major League Football Announces New Head Coach

Major League Football (OTC Symbol MLFB) announces our next Head Coach; Terry Shea. In keeping with our philosophy of developing our players both on and off the field, we view Terry Shea as a superb addition to our coaching staff. “Terry Shea is a well-known and well-respected coach with both college and NFL experience along with significant exposure to the challenges a new league faces,” CEO Frank Murtha said. “The alignment with our values and his commitment to the sport will, no doubt, help to fuel the league’s success,” Murtha concluded.

Known for his coaching of a group of incredible quarterbacks and his skills as an offensive coordinator, MLFB recognizes him as a great asset to add to our coaching staff. As our second head coach announcement, we know that Coach Shea has the knowledge and experience to help our athletes and coaches learn and develop as both players and as people. “It takes 22 legs to score a touchdown,” Shea likes to say. “Add to that all the coaches, trainers, and front office staff – football is such a complete team game”. Dick Vermeil says about Shea, “The great thing about Coach Shea is that he focuses on the growth of each individual, each player gets his attention. With that brilliant offensive mind and his desire to coach, Shea is the perfect fit for MLFB. What a great find for the league.”

A Bill Walsh protégé, Shea will bring his “help the player that is one step away” mindset to the league. Terry will take his head coaching experience and help develop both coaches and players alike. “I love the relationships that develop among the coaches,” Shea says. “it’s like going into battle, and the loyalty that is created makes it worth it.” Coach Shea says he loves spring football. ”How many players are out there with the talent to do this? Golly, it’s so gratifying to see them go to that next level of success.”

Shea has coached at every level of football. He is another coach who always put his players as his top priority. He says, “you never want to coach your players down, always coach them up.” We at Major League Football know that Terry Shea will help us reach our goal of being the best development league, the best league to prepare people for that transition up to the NFL or, at the very least, give them the opportunity to improve their skills and grow as individuals.

About Major League Football

Major League Football (OTC Symbol MLFB) is a professional Spring Football League dedicated to the development of players, trainers, coaches, and staff that need an opportunity to fully demonstrate their talent. For the athletes, our target is to provide them with the best-in-class resources to build and showcase their talents and graduate to the larger stage. The fans will get an unprecedented look at how this development happens. By filling this void, MLFB will augment and support player quality for Professional Football.