Taylor Heinicke Trumps Russell Wilson In MNF Showdown

Taylor Heinicke Trumps Russell Wilson In MNF Showdown

Taylor Heinicke has done it again. This man has more confidence than anyone as of right now, and has led Washington to three straight wins, improving the team to a 5-6 record.

Three wins in a row might not sound too absurd, but let’s take a quick look at the three quarterbacks he took down: Tom Brady, Cam Newton, and now Russell Wilson. Those are three super bowl quarterbacks, future hall of famers – and Heinicke has now defeated all three of them in a very short span of time.

Despite being a backup in the XFL just 20 months ago, Taylor is now in the command seat for Washington; who is now primed to make a playoff run if they can keep this up.

Let’s take a closer look at Heinicke’s most recent victory over the Seahawks on Monday Night.

Game Summary

During the early goings of the game, Heinicke looked sharp. One of his most underrated abilities is being able to evade pressure, and make something out of nothing despite his smaller size.

He continued to make plays throughout the game, throwing a TD pass to J.D. McKissic to tie things up going into halftime.

As Washington’s defense continued to get stop after stop, Heinicke’s game management allowed them to run down quite a bit of the clock. On a clutch 4th and 4 with three minutes left, he fired a bullet for a completion, which appeared to seal the game.

However, on 4th and goal from Seattle’s two yard line, what originally was ruled a TD was overturned, as the receiver did not maintain possession of the football. The score remained 17-9, giving the Seahawks a chance to make something happen.

Seattle quickly marched down and scored, but missed the two point conversion. This made it a 17-15 ball game, leaving everyone on the edge of their seats with seconds to play.

The conclusion to this ball game couldn’t have been any crazier. Seattle proceeded to recover the onsides kick attempt, only to have it overturned due to a penalty. On their second attempt, they almost recovered it again, but Washington was able to hang on, and they came out victorious.


While Taylor has seen quite a bit of success over the past few weeks, he remains humble, focusing on what lies ahead.

It’s fantastic to see someone like Taylor Heinicke make a major statement in the NFL. He isn’t just beating practice squads anymore, Heinicke is taking down teams with super bowl aspirations. If this isn’t proof to people that spring football works, I don’t know what is.

Heck, just look at this ball placement from last week against Carolina:

There are not many quarterbacks who could make this type of throw. With how shaky he looked on Monday night, Russell Wilson certainly wouldn’t have made it.

As the NFL season continues, only time will tell if Taylor can keep this solid streak going, and lead Washington to the promised land. That being said, his uncanny talent for the game gives him and the WFT a solid chance moving forward.

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