Tampa Bay Vipers Jerseys Revealed

Tampa Bay Vipers Jerseys Revealed

Earlier today the XFL put out a teaser video, giving us the first glimpse of the team jerseys. The first set of teams to reveal their uniform were the DC DefendersRenegades, Guardians, Roughnecks and BattleHawks… now we have the Vipers have revealed their jerseys.

Before the grand reveal the team posted a teaser with QB Aaron Murray and Arrion Spring.

Shortly after the franchise posted both their home and away variations via social media. A while back we posted a potential leak for the Vipers jersey and that seems to be correct. The manufacturer is listed as Custom Outfitters, which is the same company that the leak came from. If the leak was true, does that mean Adidas is the supplier? Only time will tell. Unlike the AAF, the XFL is delivering both home and away jerseys, and that’s a huge plus in my book.

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