Standings and Highlights from Week Six of The Spring League

Standings and Highlights from Week Six of The Spring League

We’ve finally made it completely through The Spring League 2021 season. Only one game remains, and that’s the Mega Bowl.

With no team securing a Mega Bowl appearance going into the last week, the games had a sense of importance. It was almost like the league’s own playoff week.

Before any of the games kicked off, the Linemen held the lead in the North and the Jousters in the South. Would any team be able to knock them out of their top spots? Well, if you missed any of the action, check out the highlights and recaps below.

Linemen vs Alphas

Both teams had a shot at the Mega Bowl, but with a win it would clinch it for the Linemen. The Alphas would look to stop them in their tracks, in hopes of making an appearance themselves.

The Alphas made a valiant effort, keeping the game close. But at the end of regulation the Linemen would take the win, a 5-1 record and secure a spot in the 2021 Mega Bowl.

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Conquerors vs Aviators

With the Linemen taking out the Alphas and punching their ticket to the Mega Bowl, this game would come down to pride. The Conquerors would look to get another win, and the Aviators would look to get their first win.

The Aviators would close out regulation with a field goal tying the game up. This was another close one, which led to the second overtime game of the season. The Conquerors were not able to come out on top in their first OT attempt, but would look to change that. The Aviators came out strong in this outing, but it just wasn’t enough.

After making an appearance in the Championship last year, the team would end the 2021 season 0-6.

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Jousters vs Sea Lions

Kicking off the action in the south was the division-leading Jousters battling the Sea Lions. With a win, the Jousters would creep even closer to the Mega Bowl. The Sea Lions on the other hand were out of contention, but would look to get a win to round out the season.

This turned out to be a spectacular match, a truly great showing from both teams offense and defense. The Jousters just couldn’t be stopped though. Anytime it looked like the Sea Lions were about to make a comeback, the Jousters defense would save the day.

At the end of the day, the Jousters put themselves in a great spot, but it wasn’t guaranteed just yet. The Generals and Blues both had a shot, but it would come down to points.

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Generals vs Blues

The Generals and Blues would round out the action for the 2021 TSL season, both vying to rack up as many points as possible to take out the Jousters and secure their own spot in the Mega Bowl.

The Spring League South Mega Bowl

The Blues would need to have a historic night it they wanted to get in, the Generals also needed to go hard, but it was much more manageable for them. The Generals would start out strong, scoring in the first few minutes of the game, but they couldn’t keep the momentum going.

The Blues had a chance to catch up, but after a few too many mistakes they couldn’t find a way to come out on top. Ultimately Ryan Mallett and the Generals would take the win, but it wasn’t enough to make it to the Mega Bowl.

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North Division

South Division

2021 Mega Bowl

The Mega Bowl makes its debut this year, accompanied by the Linemen and the Jousters. This should turn out to be a spectacular matchup, with both teams having great talents on both sides of the field. Coach Gilbride and Luiz Perez will look to make this an offensive showcase, whereas the Linemen will try their best to limit the movement from the Jousters.

The game is set to kickoff Saturday June 19, at 3pm ET on FOX. If you enjoyed the 2021 season, then you definitely won’t want to miss this one.

What did you think of the 2021 TSL Season? Do you plan on tuning into the Mega Bowl this Saturday? Which team are you rooting for? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.