Analyzing The Houston Roughnecks Quarterback Options For 2024 | Brandon Silvers

St. Louis Battlehawks Sign QB Brandon Silvers

In an exciting turn of events, the St. Louis Battlehawks have acquired last year’s starting quarterback for the Houston Roughnecks, Brandon Silvers.

This comes a day after the Battlehawks made the shocking announcement that they had waived Nick Tiano, their backup from 2023. With only one QB left on the roster, that being Manny Wilkins, it was all but certain that an influx of quarterbacks would be making their way to St. Louis, and now the first of potentially several has walked through the door.

Silvers’ first experience as a professional quarterback came in the now defunct Alliance of American Football after he was drafted in 2018. In the five games he played in, he completed 64% of his passes for four touchdowns and two interceptions.

One of Silvers’ claims to fame is being the first quarterback to touch the ball in the 2020 iteration of the XFL, also possessing bragging rights for the very first touchdown thrown that season. In the four games he played as a Seattle Dragon, Silvers threw for six touchdowns and four interceptions with a 52% completion percentage.

In 2021, Silvers featured in four games in what was the final season of The Spring League, where he shined on the Conquerors with 9 touchdowns, just 1 interception, and a completion percentage of nearly 70%.

Silvers had a brief stint in the Fan Controlled Football league in 2022, and ended up playing a huge part in leading the Houston Roughnecks to their first division title in 2023. In the eight games he played, each of which he started, Silvers threw for 13 touchdowns, 9 interceptions while completing just under 60% of his passes.

Silvers possesses a ton of invaluable experience and will bring a lot of much needed depth in what is poised to be an extremely competitive 2024 season. For anyone worried that this news implies that 2023 starter AJ McCarron will not be making his return to St. Louis, it was, in fact, announced today that he’ll be signing with the team as soon as this week.

Things are looking brighter for the Battlehawks by the day. For St. Louis, 2024 is set to be a year to remember.

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