SEC filing reveals how much the XFL has paid the WWE

SEC filing reveals how much the XFL has paid the WWE

Vince McMahon established Alpha Entertainment to completely separate the XFL from the WWE, but that doesn’t mean that the two companies weren’t going to work together. This is evident by recent SEC filings. It shows just how much money is going between WWE and Alpha Entertainment/XFL and it also details the arrangement between the two.

“As previously announced, Vincent McMahon organized and owns a majority of Alpha Entertainment, LLC (“Alpha”), which owns and operates the professional football league XFL. Under arrangements made at the time of its organization, WWE received, among other things, an equity interest in Alpha without payment by, or other financial obligation on the part of, WWE; WWE sold certain intellectual property rights relating to XFL to Alpha for a payment in the amount of $1 million; and WWE entered into a support services agreement under which WWE provides Alpha certain administrative support services on a cost-plus margin basis. During the year ended December 31, 2018, Alpha was billed approximately $1,305,000 for services under the administrative support services agreement, of which $474,000 was due at year end and subsequently paid.”

In summary:

  • WWE sold intellectual property rights to Alpha for $1 million
  • Alpha was billed over $1.3 million for WWE providing administrative support
  • Alpha paid WWE $474,000 for that administrative support

While the XFL does have its own Careers page on its website, WWE also has a job posting for an XFL position on its website. This could be part of the services agreement between WWE and Alpha/XFL as the latter gets up and running.

So, even though Alpha Entertainment was created to keep the XFL’s operations separate from WWE, the XFL is still leaning on its big brother named World Wrestling Entertainment.

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  1. It’s not that Alpha only paid $474,000. That statement means at year end, there was an outstanding invoice of $474,000 from WWE to Alpha that had not yet been paid (Accounts Payable). Related parties typically have to disclose these types of stuff in their financials to avoid people grossing up receivables with related parties to make it appear like they’ve got more cash coming their way than they do.

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